Beholder of the Eye

The beauty of being temporarily “distapled” is that I have gotten to slow down and review old shots that I had taken over the past year or so.  I can type key words like “love” and a favorite shot will appear.  For instance if I type “bass” a number of images will appear on my screen.  Below are a few of the images labeled “bass”.

If I type in “drummer”  these are a few of my favorites below.

So, lately, I seem to have been going back and editing and reviewing old photos that I took. I used to post the best shots in a gallery on my website after I edited them but with work and my health issues I stopped posting them. It made me sad when I realized I had given up, sort of in way.  Anyhow, I do want to revamp the website and change that gallery.  I also have been toying with the idea taking film classes.  I would like to learn video skills.  I know I can be better and there is always more to learn in everything, always.

Today, my hubby and I took a short road trip to the Salton Sea.  Love this weather as it sure made my bones feel good.  I had wanted to do a quick shoot but went with two drained batteries so I was lucky to get a few shots.  So glad that Jim is such a willing victim, I mean volunteer.  I really am shy and hate asking people to model, even for free photos.    He does well for not being a a model.

_DSC0909 jim

Jim just gets me some times.  I am goofball.  I was going to say dreamer but really I just see things and pictures start forming, knowing how they are going to edit.  We were driving around Salton Sea and I just wasn’t feeling it and then I spotted that sign and I had made Jim bring the guitar.  The rest happened naturally.  Like most of my shoots, even with the models and sometimes even when I shoot live music.

Good night, good morning or good day where ever you are.  I am off to Country Night and to see the Rob Staley Band tonight.

If you get the chance….hope you do that thing

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