Greener Grass

I’m dreaming again!  Having real dreams like the ones where you run through the air and then flap your arms and start flying and then you hear music and then total darkness and suddenly you are cold and awake and disoriented.  It’s been so long.  I can’t remember the last one that I had.  I am sure I have been having them, I just don’t remember them.  Sleep has actually been great and deep.  Life is definitely much better than it was.

Yesterday my husband had his one day off for the week and he took me out to the Indian Canyons and Tahquitz Canyon recreation parks in Palm Springs. We have lived in the desert for almost five years and have never been there and hopefully when I am better I hope to go and hike to the waterfall.  This time of year is definitely a great time to go as the weather yesterday was a perfect 76 degrees when we arrived.  I spied a perfect spot for a photo shoot.  I took a few test shots with my hubby.  I am able to walk farther without the walker but still need it as I am still not that strong, but getting there. When I do a photo shoot, I am usually crawling on the ground, on my tip toes,  and bent backwards.  You get the idea.  Yesterday I had visions of a band here, I know the band, but how do I get them here?  Anyhow, I guess I am thinking out loud again.

We then drove toward the Trading Post.  The road there is a little narrow and in some parts there is barely enough room for one car to pass or so it seems.

We then drove to another area of the park.  Comfortably Numb is playing in the background. This version is sung by Eddie Vedder and I am feeling it as I am feeling medicated that moment and am happy and flowery.  How could I not with all the colors in the canyon.  Hubby pointed out a lounging lizard and I captured a few shots of the little guy before we headed out of the park.

We spent a few hours in park.  I like days like this, just getting lost and wandering, talking, listening to music. Occasionally, I would point out something that would strike my fancy and he would pull the car over and I would shoot a few shots and we would move on.  I really do appreciate all he does, he only had one off and really we should have stayed home so he could have rested.

It’s Wednesday morning and time to rise and shine. Consent to lose sight shore and discover Andre Gide.

Thanks again for stopping by and hope to see you again soon…

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