Four and Twenty Blackbirds all in a…taco?

Excess is a bad thing, sometimes.  I should know.  I like things, sometimes, too much.  I like to have fun sometimes, too much.  Me grow up?  Why?  Yeah, but really at 49, we actually have been doing adult stuff like taking care of taxes together and car registrations.  No more more playing “let’s see how long I can push it before I have to pay my registration.”  I get it, paying late registrations costs more but I did it sometimes for both the thrill of not getting a ticket and truthfully I was trying to collect enough funds to pay the fees that kept racking up as something else kept coming up. Oh how I longed for Bob Seger to Roll Me Away…I could go west I could go east…my heart was singingoh sorry the excess thing you know and the Platinum OG.  Speaking of that stuff and everyday being a day of things that are supposed to be important.  My personal favorite day, October 4, 2019 this year, being National Taco Day. You know, you can put almost any type of protein or vegetable in a flour or corn tortilla and add salsa and yeah, it will satisfy the munchies and if you fry it and dip it in guacamole…mind blown.  Sorry…my stomach took over my brain and fingers right now.  Carry on and enjoy your day and what ever it is you enjoy.

Last night I tagged along with my hubby.  I am the built in band groupie for the classic rock cover band The Ghosts of Kelso. No, seriously, my hubby is the bass player and I wouldn’t miss it for the anything.  I love getting to take photos and video.  Even if I don’t get clear shots of the guys I am learning, what works what doesn’t.  I spend early mornings tweaking and fine tuning lots of old photos.  Last night I shot 2 sets in black and white.

I really dig it, especially with the 85 mm.  That excess thing though, I am hurting this morning as I pushed myself a little too hard last night.  The Ghosts are a four piece band comprised of singer/guitar player Tom Walker, drummer Kelly Heldenbrand, newcomer, guitar player Bruce Martinelli and my hubby, bass player Jim Keena.  The band has been together for roughly 2 years and have mainly played in the Coachella Valley.  Recently, former guitarist Kirk Sorensen, left the band to try other projects here in the Valley and we look forward to his future endeavors.  Keep an eye and an ear out for him.  The Ghosts played the Red Barn in Palm Desert last night, the opening night of the second weekend of Coachella 2019.  The guys played a local favorite dive bar The Red Barn during Coachella 2018 and it was quite a party as I recall.  It was more of the same last night.  I am sure what ever entertainment is there tonight, it should be a fun time. With some characters you will not want to miss. The boys, as I like to refer to them, seem like brothers.  On good nights, when they are all feeling good and the room has that glow, and if you are a musician and you know that feeling,  I can see it in the pictures that I edit and video.

I can also see it when they play.  It comes across in their faces and you see how loose they are and how their fingers hold the neck of the guitar or how they hit the drums.  It was different last night.  It was like they were on vacation mode.  They flowed differently, they were looser and you could hear the difference in their sound.  I notice these little nuances when I am out watching the other bands as I often see the same bands repeatedly.  Whatever it was, the new lighting in the bar, the festival vibe of the crowd or the feel of the band or just me and my new normal.  It was a just a very good night, more than I could ask.  The crowds was definitely the highlight of the night.  There was one man that I remember from the year before and he danced with such joy!  I had photos of him from last year.  I videotaped him again this time and posted it to my Instagram today.   Thank you Random Dude, you made my night!  I didn’t bring along my walker last night as it is a bit cumbersome and I wanted to feel less than my 49 years at least for a few hours.  I sat in the back of the room as they have padded benches along the walls. I knew that I would not be walking around to get the perfect shots.  All shots and video were all taken from one spot and with the 85 mm and the 55-200 mm.  Neither lens was the proper lens for the room but as usual I made due with the equipment I have.  Someday I will stop trying to out run it, like the registration and buy a grown-up camera, that is when I have more money when I am finished paying for all those grown up things that life throws at us every now and again.  This after all why I hashtag most of my stuff #chickwithcheapcamera.  I will have to explain that one day as I got that term from some well meaning guy at the Red Barn.

Time to go tend my garden or something like that, whatever or where ever you are doing it, do it like that…

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