Falling Trees

Happy friggin’ Monday! Nothing like a great toke n’ soak to loosen the rusty muscles and crunchy bones. Sometimes, I feel so good that I forget and start to dance with my cat Taco draped over my shoulder and do a two-step and then almost lose my balance and fall over.  Yeah, I was headed in the Cat Lady direction and still think we have room for more cats in-house, just saying…

Last year around May we took a road trip to Arizona.  It was a blast.  I was just about to start a new job, the one that just let me go as a matter of fact because of my illness.  I happened upon the file this morning when I was looking for something else.  It’s funny, you know that saying about the tree falling in a forest, does it apply for photos too?  If you take them and no one see them, does it exist?  It was a just a short trip, but it it was a good trip.  We both learned so much about so much.  We laughed, we talked and we talked.  My hubby’s child was graduating!!  There was a packed house and limited tickets.  So I had to find a spot off by myself.  I hardly ever call out for divine intervention as I felt a little alone in that big stadium, but at that moment it happened and I spotted her.  There was a little girl in a pink dress and what a picture and what a sight for her and for her to dream about her future.

_DSC0441 future is watching
The future is watching and future is the children.

The next day we did a little sightseeing before we headed home.  We had stayed the night in Williams, Arizona The Gateway to the Grand Canyon at the Grand Canyon Hotel.  It was more of a bed and breakfast and very quaint.  We arrived late in the evening as I recall and our key was in our room waiting for us.  I didn’t get any pictures and that card is sadly damaged.  We did walk around after breakfast and before heading home so I could get a few shots of the town as it truly was a Kodak moment at every turn.

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Oh yeah, here is another thing about me, I have a strange fascination with farm equipment and heavy machinery.  My dream is to operate a big crane or back hoe or oooh oh an excavator!!  When got into Scottsdale, Arizona the day before there was the most gorgeous sight I have ever seen!

_DSC0624 crane 8x10
My oh my! What I wouldn’t give to be able to operate that bad boy!!

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We made one pit stop in Lake Havasu on the last day of our trip. I was tired as I am sure hubby was as he did all the driving.  We didn’t go down to the bridge but drove to a parking spot where could see the bridge.

_DSC0816 london bridge 16x9We are heading back to Arizona in September.  I am looking forward to the adventure and to seeing old friends. It is always great to have something to shoot for and to work toward.  I did walk my farthest without my walker this morning when I went to the hot tub.  It was like a small victory.  Am in pain?  You betcha!  Am I gonna do it again?  Fork yes!

Well the Decendents just loaded, time to go for a walk even though they are singing Everthing Sux today it really doesn’t.

See you around again and thanks for stopping by.

_DSC0730 michelle
Trademark smile in Lake Havasu, Arizona



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