Chick @ the Rock Show

Just couldn’t get started with anything this morning.  Nothing quite functioned. Window shopping got the best of me but you got to do that sometimes.  I fell in love with this gorgeous dress.  I will probably never buy it but will probably keep going back to the page to see if will go on sale and in my size and if it hits the right price it’s mine! Then Blink 182 snapped me out of it.

lucky brand dress

In 2008-ish I worked in Encino for as an AR auditor for an outsourcing company.  We outsourced work to India and then later to both India and the Philippines.  I really loved the dynamics of the job and that we got to speak with people from other parts of the world and how it was so much more than just accounting.  It was problem solving, customer service, loss prevention and it was so complex.  This college drop-out learned so much.  Anyhow, I had made a few friends while I worked there and one year, I had went to a concert with one of the my co-workers and her sister.  They picked me up for the concert which was on a Saturday.  It was train wreck from the start.  I blogged about it and had to look for it and have come to realize that it is gone forever.  Myspace has even deleted all photos.  Even the ones that were attached to Facebook.  I thought I would share.  It seems I haven’t changed much in 9 years.  You can ask my kids, I am still just as crazy as I was back then.  I went to look for the blog post but no luck.  Here is what happened…

Photo cred is C Antolin my old co-worker.

My co-worker and her significant other picked me up at Union Station we also picked up her sister there as well.  The show was at the Palladium and we had several hours to kill before the show.  I had no car during this time so I was at everyone’s mercy.  Shit happened.  Sometime around 2 PM we are in a car accident in West Los Angeles.  We all got separated.  I had my ticket and called a friend to pick me up.  I was bruised and shaken but otherwise okay.  They were were all in the same shape but the car did not fair so well.  I went back to my apartment, cleaned up and took a bus and the subway back to the Palladium and got back into line.  I kept trying to get into contact with them.  They had VIP tickets, I didn’t.  We only managed to contact each other a couple of times but never connected, I was totally alone, but not really.  I met these two kids in line one girl was from Riverside and one guy was from England.  I don’t remember their names but I remember them because he had the Blink 182 logo tattooed on his chest and he proudly raised his shirt for me to take a picture of it.  I just spent an hour searching Facebook for the picture but was deleted by Myspace.  The photo had been deleted when JT acquired it and took down all the old photos and the old blog posts.  I had quite the blog there.  Thank goodness that has been erased, my life was really colorful back then.  Those two kids kept me company till we got inside.  The Aquabats were on stage when we entered.  I made my way down the ramp toward the stage so I could get a closer look at Travis Barker drumming.  I did get a few shots of him but those photos are sadly gone too.  The best part of the night was right before Blink started.  I was feeling awkward and alone. I was toward the back of the floor, by myself and near a group a guys.   How could I not be on the floor, it was a punk show.  This man tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to take a picture of him and his friends.  It happened to be him and friends and his son.  They even got a group picture with me.  The show started and I stayed with them, kind of.  I remember when the song Rock Show was playing I looked over at that one dude and we were both singing the words

I couldn’t wait for the summer and the Warped Tour
I remember it’s the first time that I saw her there

and then there was a surge in the crowd and he or maybe it was one of the guys he was with grabbed me and said,  “We are going closer.” and I went for it.  I made it as far as the middle of the floor before we all parted ways.  You know the floor at punk show when they start swirling and moving like the ocean.  Oh what a feeling.  I made it out of there with only a little wet from a beer that was thrown my way and a bruised elbow and such.  Loved every moment of it!   I did have to spend the night at Union Station and had a run in with a F’d up taxi driver in Downtown Los Angeles.  There are things I will not do for a free ride home buddy and sleeping in Union Station was much safer than taking a ride in that cab because I had no money. Oh yeah, I left that part out.  I forgot my wallet at home when I went home after the accident.  My Dad had a saying, “If it weren’t for bad luck, you wouldn’t have no luck at all.” My Dad obviously had a sense of humor too.

To you who ever you are that is reading, have a good day and hope you smiled, or laughed or passed gas…cause passing gas is good.


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