Comfort in the Crowd

So, I went merrily skipping down memory lane this morning!  Still laughing at how far I have come or haven’t actually come. You know how feel about growing up, it is totally overrated.  Here is a promo video that I made of the Ghosts of Kelso in 2017.  I was trying anything to get them attention in this valley.  It is a hard market you know.  This valley is a small fishbowl compared to many metropolitan cities even though we boast two major music festivals.  Anyhow, I had went to this IG training class, it really didn’t do much for me.  It kind of scared me, really.  Not for me.  However, not knocking IG, I have met some very interesting characters either in person or through the web and am so thankful.  Believe it or not, I really am shy.  If I reach out to people and get no response, I generally never reach out again.  When I am told no, I accept it, really.  Now that I do not drink alcohol any longer, my courage has gone way done.

Here is the video,  If you skip to the end, after the credits, you will hear me speak briefly.  It really should be shortened and such but it is good to see how far I have come or haven’t.  Honestly, skip the first minute.  It is hard to watch!

Most of the video, actually all of the video is from camera phones and all the pictures are from either my Sony or the Nikon.  Actually, I am putting together a video for the Pain project and may need to clip some of this as most of this was done during part of that time.

Sing it Willie & Merle…It’s All Going to Pot and yes, with that, it’s time for a break at 5:12 AM

Almost starting to feel normal.  Funny thing about getting older, I remember getting mad at the boys for making fun of me and asking me if my knee was going to be able to tell the weather.  This was after I injured the MCL of my left leg at the Aztec Hotel/Brass Elephant one boozy night and had to wear a hip to toe brace for some weeks, not that I really did.  True story.  I didn’t think it was funny and remember telling them that your bones could not predict the weather.  Jokes on me…Bring on the Palm Springs summer!

Thanks again for stopping by this morning and letting me reminisce.  Honestly, it kick starts the creativity in the grey matter.  Today feels like a good day, doesn’t it?

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