Bubble, bubble

It’s Friday and Phil Vassar sure feels like a Friday, especially when I just took time for a little self-care and the morning soak-n-toke. I don’t think his music has been on my radar in a decade but I took photos of the hot tub this morning and started humming the Hot Tub Song, I couldn’t remember the words exactly or the actual name but had to Google it and the name the song is I’ll Take That As A Yes (The Hot Tub Song). Just listening to it now makes me laugh about those days when we used to have Thursday night dinners in my yard and my kids learned about keg stands.  Yeah, I was never in the running for mother of the year!  Just Another Day In Paradise just came up on the play list and yeah, it sure does feel like a Friday, even in my non-working world.

Anyhow,  I took the Nikon along to the hot tub as my niece had just sent me the coolest new strap.  This way I could be a little more brave with my camera over the water as I am also having trouble with the manual dexterity lately and holding onto to things.

Yes, ooh, I know they are just bubbles and some foam, but they do look cool after some editing.  I will post those at a later time.  Before I went out, I also took a few more shots of a dying gerbera daisy and some of the market lights that are hanging in our yard.  I used the 85mm lens as I had been using the 55-200mm for the last week as I had misplaced the other lens.

DSC_0410I use those lights for target practice we have not been out much lately.

DSC_0423DSC_0426Currently, there are two things I am working on. One being the Pain Project.  I have narrowed down the prints.  Since I have not received my photos back I had hubby take a few pics of me.  This is for the other project.  The website and shop should be live soon.  This is important as I had been working on this prior to the Pain Project and will use this as a model, sort of.  Anyhow,  introducing Grama Kush and the Smokers Home Grown Stuff & Things.

grama kush 4x6A little Phil Vassar tidbit, there is BBQ stain on my Gap dress, right there.  Such is my life!

More details to follow.  Hey, my Dad had a saying as he had a saying for everything.  It went something like this “The Lord help those who help themselves.”  So, Dad, I am trying my hardest to help myself.  I know I can’t go back and work a traditional 9-5 office gig so let’s see where this goes.

To you dear reader, where ever you are and where ever you go enjoy your day.  Hugs, cause who doesn’t need a hug right now, right?!?!


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  1. I don’t usually comment but I gotta say thanks for the post on this special one : D.


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