Colors of a Saturday Night

Sure feels like Sunday.  I can hear Jenny snoring across the room and I am feeling lazy but peaceful. Hubby played last night with the Ghosts of Kelso at the Red Barn in Palm Desert so that could be why I am feeling so sleepy.  I always look forward to nights there as you never know what kind of night awaits.  Besides, I had a little help with the vibes and shit before I even walk in the place so maybe it was just me?


The Red Barn is a hard room to shoot in as I have mentioned in past posts.  It is dark!!! I have tried a prime lens and every trick I could think of with out adding my own lights or using flash in that room.  I have given up on crisp and clean shots and use camera witchery to get the painted effect or what people call “moody”.  I know this is under exposed but this is the effect that I am going for.  There is a process apply to photos to glass and shots like these look cool when you add mirror paint.  I am giddy with excitement as I have some shots that I have shot when I am out practicing that I would like to put on glass.

The editing process for last night is going to be long as I am still having sitting issues but can’t wait to go through the rest. I hope there will be more nights to catch live music as there is nothing like it.

Enjoy your Sunday where ever in the world you are and do those things…

Thank you to that kind man and his lady that I met last night, you gave me a needed boost and you didn’t even know it!



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