Stoned and In Love

Good morning and happy Wednesday!!  We took a little road trip to San Clemente and boy was it needed.  Car rides are no joy that is for sure but life is what you make it and I refuse to sit at home and wallow in my pain.  You know, each of us only has so much allotted time on this earth and when it’s your time it’s going to happen.  So, pain or no pain, if hubby feels up to going out, I am all for it!  It’s been 4 months since my surgery for Cauda Equina Syndrome and yes, the pain is not constant as it was and walking is a bit better but I still at times lose connection between my legs and my brain and it feels like I am floating in space, hence the drunk walking at times.  Anyhow, I did walk around with the cane more in the past two days and I am feeling it today.  Also, I am retaining water again and have gained 15 plus pounds of water weight in the last week.  This also does not help with walking.  The joys of this condition that I have had for years.  For years my doctors could not explain these occurrences.  I had every test they could think of to try and figure out what was wrong with me.  Now when I read other people entries in the CES group I see that I am not alone.  Luckily, I know that this is just a flare up and will go away soon.  Anyhow, back to my story, we left the desert Monday and headed West. The weather was perfect going through Palm Springs and Riverside.

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Since my surgery, we never really go too far, usually no more than an hour or so away from home.  My kids can tell most of our adventures when they were young were never far away either.  The cars I had never allowed for it.  However, we always made the best of it.  I think my favorite trip with my kids is when we rented a convertible car and a motel room down in Newport Beach for a few days.  We had the top down and the music blasting the who time. I wish I could find the pictures from that trip as I think it was one of the last ones that my daughter went on with us before she ran off to her adult life.  I tried as a single parent that is for sure which meant we spent lots of time at beaches which were inexpensive luxuries.  It was our happy place.  So anytime I can get to the ocean is a treat.


I am trying to hide my cane behind me. I really didn’t want to post this pic because of my extra round face but I am documenting my journey.  I used the cane more than I should have as I just wanted to feel as normal as possible.  I really hate having to push my walker around but smile and push on forward as best as I can as I know how lucky I am to be able to be walking even with the walker.

The best part of being out was getting to take photos and being out with hubby! San Clemente sure was relaxing.  We were there less than 24 hours and only spent less than 2 hours sightseeing but I know that if I were better we would spent more time and been able to wander around more.

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When we arrived in San Clemente around noon we had time to kill before check in so we went down to this spot not to far from the water. I got to get close enough to put my feet in the water.  That was the greatest feeling ever!  I love being in the ocean.  Hopefully soon, my spine will be healed enough and I will be back in the ocean and hope to try to surf class again.  Before we left for Huntington Beach yesterday morning to have lunch with Sheyla, we stopped at this one look out spot so I could watch the surfers.  I spied the coolest plaque.  The last part of the inscription says to KS.  This person sounds lovely.

In Memory of KS 6.15.97


As nice as it was to get away, it sure is nice to be back at home as I still am a work in progress.  I know I need to rest more and that is the truth.  So, with that you have a fabulous day who ever you are that made it this far!  Where ever you are today, hope some one is nice to you or better yet be nice to some one.

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