I just came in from my morning walk.  Have to get moving early here in the desert during the summer months, although summer doesn’t officially start for another week.  Truthfully, the heat feels good.  Anyhow, this morning I took the camera along to take a few photos of this blooming cactus in our complex.

DSC_0420-2This was shot at 6 AM this morning.  

It was great to see that there were more flowers that bloomed since I had last been on a walk a few days ago.  The photographer in me wishes I had a model to shoot with this cactus.


A bouquet of night blooming cereus.


 This was a treat this morning.

DSC_0448 hb

This hummingbird was flying around me, checking out what I was doing and then it posed for that photo.

I need more mornings like this to clear my head, that is for sure as it was getting all filled with gobbly-gook and shit like that…oh and more Willie Nelson singing Cold, Cold, Heart and now George Strait is singing about a car and gosh I really need another road trip as the cabin fever is getting worse…  My discomfort is not getting better, it has been over 4 months.  The physical therapist said that “no way” I was getting used to the pain at the last visit.  So when he had me stand up and bend as far as I could backwards, I almost passed out and threw-up.  That’s what pain does that I am “not used to”.  Oh well, no use fighting a battle I will never win.   It’s like that saying about leopards and their spots, can they change?  Well, I guess they don’t if you are a leopard.  So, unless you are a leopard and you out there trying to be this when you are really that, change happens if you want it, not because you keep telling yourself you can’t change.  Sorry, having a moment…and here is a little Jenny and Taco to lighten the mood.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To you dear reader, thank you for visiting.  Hope to see you again and as always, where ever you are going, get there.



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