Playing favorites

Good morning! It has been a good last few days. I have been trying to narrow down my favorite shots of the last 2 years to add to the Pain Project and to the Keenfern Photography website. Every time I open a folder from the past I seem find a new favorite photo that I overlooked as I usually also pull the card with the original, unedited photos. It’s like a trip down memory lane. I like so many of them that they feel like my children. Some I had to fine tune and others I didn’t have to do much clean-up. The hard part is figuring out how I am going to present my favorites. I do have a plan for KF website. Before I used to post some of the photos to a gallery and the date of the photos were taken and then left them in a gallery and then not doing much with them. No promotion, just nothing. Below I posted a handful of random photos taken at various live music performances. I am ever so grateful to all the talented musicians that I have shot. I really was practicing and figuring out me. So, I have been very preoccupied lately.

Oh, song break. John Popper is singing to me right now and I imagine him playing his harmonica and it is about to go into the part of the song that is the “Hook” of the song.

Hear what I say
I have a prayer to pray
That’s really all this was
And when I’m feeling stuck and need a buck
I don’t rely on luck

Because the hook brings you back
I ain’t tellin’ you no lie
The hook
On that you can rely

Blues Traveler is band that is on my Band Bucket List. Some day I will post my BBL. Luckily, hubby likes live music and checking out other musicians so he has been instrumental in helping me mark some of the bands off my list. I will tell you this, the number one on my BBL, George Strait. He leads the pack of great musical acts on that list. Keeping him company is Sting, Tanya Tucker, Bob Seger and Lagwagon. Hmmm, if they could all be in one show…oops dreaming again.

Anyhow, it was nice to take a break from my stuff and things and back to narrowing down my favorite guitar players and drummer shots. Shots of singers and bass players. Shots of hands playing. What I am really after are shots of pedals and instruments. I know I keep referring to the band Country Nation but I have shot their band at least 6 times if I have my folders labeled correctly. One of the guitar players has this pad of pedals like I have never seen before. Sometimes, I sit their staring at it as I am amazed that he can tap on the right one and not even be looking at his feet. I could go on and on but check it out the next time you are out watching live music. Watch how they play and interact. How their hands move. This is what I try to capture when I am out.

To you reader, thanks for stopping by. I feel like I should bake cookies or offer coffee…pipe dreams again…Oh yeah, where ever you are today be safe and do something for you today! Cosmic hugs to you that is needing it…

***Oh yeah, all photos on this page were shot by me and I own the rights to them. I do not like photographer logos but know that I should include them on my photos. However, if someone feels so bad about their own talents and need to claim someone else’s work as their own, so be it.

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