Sunny days and Mondays

I have always wanted to stick a note on the screen door that says “sorry but I got to go.” Silly dreams of a silly girl…I remember the first time I heard the Sara Evans song Suds in a Bucket, a friend of mine sang this song at karaoke and I used to beg and bribe her with drinks to sing it. Now Sara Evans will be a Fantasy Springs in November and I want to go! I just saw the billboard for an upcoming show at Fantasy Springs yesterday**. Thurdsay night was date night and South 65 was in Lit Lounge last night. We stayed to watch a set and I did take about 5 pics and shot a couple of videos. I only took in the Sony and the lens is not made for taking shots from the balcony. It works better if I am downstairs in the lounge area. So I grabbed a couple quick shots and hope I can take a few photos from the video. I am still not ready to walk around with the camera but working through it.

I only shot 8 of South 65 and this was the best one.

Sometimes, I just “got to be feeling it”. I just couldn’t get my groove on so I put the camera away. Often I do that and it’s better to just walk away or sit and enjoy the music. So, we left after one set. Besides, tonight hubby is playing at the Red Barn in Palm Desert with the Ghosts of Kelso and it will be a true test of the Sony. I know what the Nikon can do in that room and I really have to push it. Also, here I know the floor and can walk around more now that I am using my cane instead of the walker. I am happy to report that I feel so much stronger. I only use the walker when I know I am going to be walking longer than normal distances. Last week I was fitted for a brace for my leg. It should help keep me upright and able to feel a little more ease at getting to walk around with my camera and just walking around in general. I am positive that this will get me walking more and aid in my recovery so I am looking forward to trying that thingy out.

The Ghosts of Kelso at the Red Barn of Palm Desert 8.3.19

Technically, I guess I should have made a separate post but if you follow this blog, you know I am having issues sitting and can only write for a minutes before I have to break from it. This is due to the healing of my spine. Anyhow, last night the hubby and I were at the Red Barn in Palm Desert for a little Friday night fun. The room was dark as usual, except for the spot light above hubbies side of the stage. The Sony handled the room well I just really needed to be able to walk around to make better use of the light. Also, the guys had the dance floor swinging with the classic rock tunes that they covered last Friday night. The Red Barn is definitely one of my favorite dive bars in this valley. I truly love when there are a group of people in front of the stage dancing like they just don’t care. Last year I was one of those dancers. I know that I will be out there again as well shaking my ass to a cover of Wipe Out or Ring of Fire or Little Sister, All in all, last night was a good night. I mainly shot videos as I am trying to get the Sony all figured out for that room, if I can get it perfect in there, I can get it perfect anywhere. So far, I still need to keep shooting to get better. Thank you to the Red Barn for having the guys play there and I look forward to their return there in September.

One of the security guards from The Red Barn joined the Ghosts on stage for a cover of Tennessee Whiskey.

One thing I can count on at the Barn is plenty of happy people! That night there was a group of ladies celebrating and I did meet some interesting characters that night. looking forward to The Ghost return there in September as I should will be stronger. That wall though, it is magical. Depending on your settings you can create some really cool effects before you even extract the photo from the camera. Honestly, I like the handling of my Nikon but again I have only had the Sony for a few weeks and I know it’s going to get better.

Well to you reader, happy Monday as this took me a few days to write. Take time to day dream and where ever you are going get there…

**FYI, I just got a media pass for the Brian Wilson Show at Fantasy Springs!!! Not dreaming this time!!!

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