Good morning! It’s Thursday and here I am walking down memory lane. Lonestar is singing Walking in Memphis and it’s just about to get to my favorite part of the song, you know where Muriel plays piano every night at the Hollywood…and Muriel asks the singer “Tell me are you a Christian child?” and the singer belts out “Ma’am I am tonight!” I know this song word for word down to the growls and other nuisances of the various singers that have covered this Marc Cohen song. I know there are so many mixed feelings about karaoke – either you love or you hate it. I loved doing it and met so many people while I was out. Hard to believe but I was kind of a loner and would go out by myself. That is how I met most people after a few failed, short lived relationships. I knew that as the Mom of four kids it was going to be hard to date. So, I kept that side of my life as private as possible, except for one brief misstep which lasted for about 7 months. My kids would not know another man living in their house and sacred space while they lived with me. I never went searching for someone to take care of me or them as they had a father and good one that loved them. The man that I had date briefly wiggled his way into our lives quickly. Once I got over the whole thing and realized this guy was not good for my kids and me, we parted ways. To me, I knew that it was going to be a long road by myself, but I knew it was for the best. I learned about me and others. Now Journey is singing “In the heat with the blue jean girl burning love comes once in a lifetime…” Do I believe in burning love? No. Unless, it involves antibiotics then love shouldn’t burn. To me, love needs simmer and sit a little on the fire and soak in all the vibrant flavors of life just the way it did with hubby and all those years we were both leading our separate lives but traveling on the same road that lead us to where we are today. In this short time that hubby and I have been back together we have covered many miles and look forward to where ever our uncharted journey goes. Luckily for us in our daily journey for happy food, we met a Saint, well not really a saint but a man that was aptly name Luke. Luke from Santa Monica. You know how I have mentioned that I do not believe in coincidences, well after yesterday, I know that I witnessed some divine intervention in action. To you Luke, from Santa Monica, thank you! Merci! Arrigato! Muchas gracias! You saved a life or I should say lives yesterday. Was it coincidence that you had sat there behind us and then later mentioned that you had Youtubed the Heimlich maneuver just recently. I can’t make this shit up, really. So, thank you again, Luke, from Santa Monica.

I took this photo of Santa Monica Pier circa 2013

There I go again, looking at old photos as I knew I had few of the Santa Monica Pier. I miss that place. I had worked at Lenscrafters at the Santa Monica Place mall around 1999-2001. Whenever I had a bad day I used to go and play Skee-ball. Besides singing, the other thing that I used that was medicinal was Skee-ball. I could play for hours. I remember I had lots of little trinkets that I collected over that couple of years. I am craving a trip there and soon!!

I mentioned earlier, it is Thursday and that means Country Night at the Lit Lounge! Tonight is another group tat i have been following for the past few years, JB & the Big Circle Riders. He puts on an entertain show of old country tunes. His band though, they are all talented musicians and I can only imagine that they have played bigger venues with big music stars. That is just me painting a picture in my head. That hamster wheel in my head is always spinning.He plays mostly in Southern California from what I have seen through social media. the other cool thing is that I follow the band and the singer posts updates about what he is working on and it’s interesting. I was totally hooked when he had started posting video of his drone photography. It was interesting because, he had just gotten it the drone and posted some of the mishaps while he was learning all of it’s functions. Real life, there is nothing better, right?

I photographed the drone at my nieces wedding last year. It was fascinating.

To any of you joining me for the first time. I am currently working on a project to showcase the talents of people that live with chronic pain. Why am I doing this. I am hoping to meet others like me that deal with chronic pain and use creative outlets to get them through. You can go to for more info. Maybe your story can inspire others. I set up an Inspiration page for anyone to contribute to with their art and tell a little or a lot about their pain story. I am still looking for the next artist to showcase. All photos on the front page will be chosen by artist and the gallery will feature the artist and their story. Fingers crossed that someone is willing to share. I haven’t set up an official Facebook page or IG but for now all posts will be coming from @keenfern_photography and the Keenfern Photography website.

Have a wonderful day where ever you are today. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again.

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