Closer than they appear

Good morning or good day! Hope you have had a pleasant last few days. I have been working on myself and getting my strength up. Walking is not so scary anymore, besides, I am a pro at falling. It has been a bit of a chore to get back here lately. Arthur Itis has been and unwanted visitor that came to stay in my temple. Hopefully, he will check out soon and I can get back to sitting and walking and breathing for longer periods of time. Swimming has been helping that is for sure. I am usually out in the pool before 9 AM. Happy to report that I can swim 20 minutes without stopping so my endurance is getting better.

Tomorrow I am getting a brace, oooh yeah! Not really. This new thingy will help me stay upright as it will keep my foot from dropping and tripping me. I tend to get a little self-conscience when I am out and people stare or say things that I am sure sounds good in their heads. I am guilty of making comments like that in my past life before my new normals in my life after surgery I am more cognizant of what is coming out of my mouth. Just a month ago a guy came up to me and exclaimed rather loudly “Faker! You are too young for that!” I politely said that “I am old enough” and then wobbled away. What I should have said was “mind your own fucking business!!!” So, I am now going to practice what I preach and treat people with the same respect or disrespect that they give me. I know that guy was probably trying to make small talk but I don’t need a reminder that I really shouldn’t be using a walking aid. It’s kind of like how I don’t need reminding of how large I am while I am ordering at Krispy Kreme’s. Ooops, guess it pissed me off more than I thought.

On sunday, Hubby and I visited Joshua Tree. It never fails that I don’t find something new to marvel at in that park as we go there quite often. Hubby and I drove through Pine Camp and it felt like we were on a desert safari. the only thing we were missing were wild animals.

The beauty of a Joshua Tree. if it weren’t so hot that day, I probably would have begged to stay until sundown as the sunsets there are like picture postcards.

The Cholla Garden looks like coral in the large Sea of Joshua Tree

Hubby and I talked about the time, a couple of years before my surgery, we hiked along the Wall Street Mill trail. It really is a great trail for just about everyone, except me. I am afraid of heights and my balance sucks. Anyhow, I had chance to turn around a never see the secrets and history hidden as you hike into this little cove. I don’t have pics so if you want to see it you may have to travel there yourself. It really is worth it.

We exited the park at the 10 Fwy entrance side. I love that it’s only about 30 minutes from our place. It makes it easy when I get a hankering for a long car ride to nowhere.

Well it’s Tuesday and it has only taken my a few days to finish this. This week I will be doing work on walking more as tomorrow I get my new foot brace! Oooooh yeah!! (Not really). I have foot drop but if this is what it takes to keep me upright and fighting the effects of gravity, then so be it. Just in time for Sunday and the Brian Wilson concert.

To reader, where ever you are have a peaceful, easy day. See you ’round again, I can only hope. Thanks for stopping by.

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