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Brrrr. Not sure where you are reading this but it is cold here this morning! Cold mornings like this make it hard to leave a warm bed with our snoring pug. My dog Jenny is a pro-sleeper and sometimes snores with her eyes open but mention the T word and her ears perk up and she is at our feet in a flash. The T word as many of my other pet people out there know that this is for TREATS!!

This was taken a few years ago. She has been modeling for me for the last few years.

She has been my constant companion around our place since my surgery. Sometimes when I am just not feeling it I can look at her and she will make one of her pug faces and make me laugh. I know that lately it has been hard on her as I like to pick our cat Taco Belle up and dance with her and Jenny is a little too heavy for me to pick up. I see her sad eyes when I am fussing over the cat. However, I am getting stronger and hopefully soon I will be able to pick her up and dance with her again or at least take her for a walk. Sometimes I get to snuggle with her, when she lets me. She has been a bit colder to me because of the cat, but I understand.

She has a very expressive face.

Lately, I had been in a creative rut and spent more time watching TV and playing Scrabble against random players. I noticed that after I had a touch of the flu or something I caught from somewhere, that I just didn’t feel very creative and started to give in to the aches and pains of my everyday life. It was hard to quiet them. Also, I had not been exercising as much. I am sure most would think that I am probably down, but I don’t feel like I was. My body just needed to rest. Old me before surgery would have pushed myself to exhaustion, but not anymore. It took some time but I now know that I need not push so hard. I was looking at the Keenfern Photography Facebook page and wanted to change things up as I am not looking for clients and have been having fun just going out and shooting for pleasure and not trying to go after the award winning shot in hopes that someone will notice me in the sea of all the photographers out there. Anyhow, I wrote a blurb on the About Section last year:

Focus·FRIDAY, APRIL 6, 2018·Good morning and happy Wednesday! I am up early most mornings as my hubby leaves early before the roosters start crowing. Usually, I am editing or tinkering with new ideas and such. Well the picture above is one that I have been looking at since yesterday. I have wanted to delete it. It’s been placed in what I have nicknamed the “dump” folder as I go through a shoot. I just keep going back to it. Now I have edited it in Lightroom a few dozen times. Above is one of the edits. Still not quite done with it but it has grown on me. There is just so much wrong with this photo, the exposure, the placement of the model, the focus. I should be embarrassed to show this, but I am not. I am proud of this and how long it took me to get to this point to be able to share in a world of real trolls and a billy goat Gruff hiding behind their cellphone keypads or computers. Who ever you are that is reading this, don’t lose your focus whatever it is. Even if people keep discouraging you, if it matters to you, don’t stop. Rome wasn’t built in a day...

This is the unedited photo that went with the FB post. I have a few versions of this one.

Anyhow, I haven’t looked at the wedding photos or the shoot I did a few weeks before I started feeling like doody. When I am feeling funky, I edit differently so I didn’t want to work on them knowing that my brain was not in the right frame of mind. Discomfort in my lumbar spine makes it difficult to sit. Either my saddle region goes numb after a few minutes of sitting or I get electrical shocks in my spine if I move the wrong way. So, I know that getting into shape will help alleviate the discomfort so I have been walking every morning, swimming when the heater is working in the pool and using a resistance band. I must admit, I used the pool a few days ago when the heater wasn’t working and the cold water made me feel so good and it was actually quite relaxing. Also, I have noticed that the muscles around my mid section are getting tighter and can feel the support and am not feeling so wobbly when I am standing up. I still walk like a toddler but am getting over it. I have had gait issues for a few years, even before the surgery and it used to embarrassed me but now I don’t care. I am just happy that I can still ambulate on my own. I have noticed that I am able to get into more positions to shoot the way I used to before the surgery.

This was a practice session. I asked him to grab the guitar, the amp. The Guess shirt was picked up at an Angel View Thrift Store in Palm Desert. His boot cut Levi’s belonged to his Dad.

The unedited photo posted above was taken last week in Indio. When ever hubby has a day off I always bug him to go for a ride! Car rides are still difficult for me but there is no way I am going to let anything stop me from getting out and taking in the sights. We have a high time out there that is for sure. I was able to get on the ground for this shot. It was not quite what I wanted as I wasn’t feeling it but loved how I styled him. Now looking at them, I wish I would have had him unbutton a few buttons, dang.

This was slightly edited as I bumped up the contrast a bit.
Still editing this one but will not make the final choice about the color until I get the prints back. The amp is missing the speaker! It’s one of hubby’s old amps. I reconditioned it by cleaning it up with textile paint and added a new metal screen.
My hubby edited. I shoot with a higher eye see beauty everywhere. Even in that little spot on the side of the road. My goal is to make my subject shine no matter where they are, what they are wearing or not.

The dreamer, goofball that resides in me likes to have a story in my head when I am out shooting people, especially if it is something for my portfolio. I really am not good at posing people. I could never read those tip cards for photographers that spam my social media and now my email that promise to make you a pro by teaching you how to pose people. Besides, I am not good with directions. Personally, I have to feel it or just feel something. I know when a shoot is going to go well when I start having visions of the photos before they happen, almost like a movie playing out in my head. I really wasn’t feeling it till the last few shots of hubby. He said something about, “This could be for my album cover” or something like that. Then I got my inspiration and the last few shots, although could have been better because I couldn’t get the shot from the angle I wanted but it really didn’t matter. I think that day, the block that I had opened.

It looks like we are miles from civilization but really this is only a mile from the Coachella Valley Nature Preserve.

We also have been going out early in the morning to hunt for hot air balloons. I know, I get excited about stuff. Last week we saw one but by the time we found it out in Coachella, it was starting to land. We tried again the a few days later and success!

This was shot this past Sunday in Bermuda Dunes.
The second balloon that morning flying over old town Indio.
I posted a short video of the balloon that I shot that morning to my Facebook page. I am using it as the banner for that page.
I loved that this balloon was covered with flags of the world!

There were two balloons flying over Coachella Valley Sunday morning! The skies were clear and so blue. I have an irrational fear of heights and would never even consider taking a ride in a hot air balloon, ever. For me capturing a photo of it was just as exciting! Yeah, I know, not the same. Since we were in old town, I had hubby drive to the mural that I had used during one of those practice shoots a few years ago with my girlfriend Angel and Analiesse.

This is still one of my favorite shoots! I was so lucky to have friends to help!!

Sunday’s are quiet in that area, well at least at that time of morning. I had hubby pose for a few shots. I really would like to do another shoot around here. Maybe not in front of that mural but the storefronts are really cool and there is a police station. I remember I had to scrap this part of the shoot because one of the models did not want to seem like a bad girl posing in front of the police station so I have not shared those photos with her in them.

This is my friend Angel and she is quite a model and just a beautiful soul. This was shot in the front of the police station.

So, I had hubby pose for a few shots. He is definitely not as fashion saavy as those ladies but I think he did a great job.

The Sunday. Styled by hubby.
I call this pose the Hubby.
I really like the colors so I asked hubby to take a few photos of me. This one is my favorites. Old me would be ashamed of posting this photo as I know I am fat, but I am hey, I am happy!! Besides, I am a 49 year old women and at this age I just don’t Care.

I really needed that time to goof around and get my creative juices moving. It feels good to be sitting at my desk even for a few minutes at a time. Time to start editing and changing the website and work on the pain project. Also, I am adding a second page here. It will be a gallery of my favorite shots that I took while we were out watching live music. I take so many photos and I have not been posting much on IG or FB as it just takes too much time to post anything as my phone freezes. I won’t even bore you with the details.

If you made it to the end of this post then I thank you! Have a fabulous day where ever you are and take time for yourself, you deserve it!

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