Fiddling with the G String

Good morning! How goes it on this cold, Coachella Valley morning? Just came back from my morning walk. I was really going to pass but knew that I must stick to a schedule with my physical activity. Usually, I can edit for 10 to 15 minutes and then I have to change my position and do something that requires standing for a few minutes. If I would have missed today’s walk I probably would not go back out tomorrow, and the next day…Oh yeah, back to my schedule. Also, I work on learning guitar chords and pick up the guitar and know where to place my fingers to make an A chord. That only took two weeks. Now, I am on to the G chord oops, not G string….Sorry, if only you were here you would have heard my adolescent giggle. That is a touchy string. My finger has a hard time reaching across the strings and holding it it down so they does not make the dreaded buzz sound. So far, I only practice for about 15 minutes at a time. My goal is to learn just one song to play. It might take me a long time but I am determined to get it. I think this will help me in my understanding of the instrument and hopefully help me produce better footage. So, this pseudo schedule goes on daily. Well, almost. Confession, I just binged on the first two seasons of Hell’s Kitchen and love that it includes all the cursing and some behind the scenes stuff that was not shown on TV when it first aired in 2005. I haven’t watched a new episode of Hell’s Kitchen in I don’t remember how long. It was hard too believe that it was still airing. I will have to check it out when the new season starts.

Tonight is Country Night! Sarah Winchester and her band will be performing tonight in the Lit Lounge. This will be the first time that I have seen her without Country Nation. However, it will feel like Country Nation lite as in her band are the drummer, Alex Eckoff and guitar & pedal steel player David Mills. I know that tonight I can expect some good music and that beautiful chemistry that they have. That band sure has charisma. Sarah commands the room with her strong vocals and energy. If you are in Indio, California tonight, do stop by and check them out. You will be sure to see and hear a fine group of multi-talented musicians.

I had another video of her and Country Nation performing Suds in A Bucket, the sound was okay but the picture quality is meh.

This past weekend hubby and I did our usual Sunday drive around the Coachella Valley, looking for hidden gems. It kind of reminds me of my parents. When I was a little, my parents would sneak off on either a Saturday or a Sunday to go get coffee and donuts. When they were gone my sisters, well mostly, and I would watch Saturday morning cartoons while we eagerly awaited for them to return with those magical donuts from Roger’s in Duarte, California. That shop has been gone for decades but I still remember it fondly it along with all the other things that are no longer in that city along Route 66. However, I don’ t think my parents were looking for a place to “puff, puff, pass” but I am sure they needed their alone time since there were 7 of us in that 3 bedroom house. These days on our Sunday drives we usually have breakfast at a local greasy spoon and then go driving and talking and singing and such. I am getting better at opening my mouth and saying, “Stop the car!” So, I got to zone out with my camera quite a bit this past Sunday.

This is in Thermal, California.
Not sure what this thing is but it looked really cool.
Okay, so I guess my head is always in the clouds, maybe this is my fascination with hot air balloons.

Also, on Sunday, we took Jenny to the November Pug Meet-up. It was her first time at this event here in Palm Desert but she has attended other pug meetup events in the Los Angeles area. It was quite the shin-dig. There were pug puppies and teenage pugs and senior pugs and all of us pug lovers. We are looking forward to next months event.

Time to get back to stuff. Where ever your road leads you today get there safely. Thank you for stopping by and hope to see you again.

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