Friends & Neighbors

Good morning and hello Thursday. Last year really flew by that is for sure. To me, I felt like I blinked last January and woke up just now. Isn’t it funny how when we were younger summers seemed endless and winter brought endless enjoyment with the rain and wind and sometimes fantastic light shows that would crash and boom overhead. My Dad and Mom used to instruct us kids to count after a flash of lightning to gauge how for away the lightning strike was. I wonder how many others have this memory of hiding under your blanket and counting till the boom crackled. In 3 months I will be 50 and yeah that is a whole lot of blinks in the past 49 years. It has been fun reading every ones resolutions. Good luck to all of you on keeping them or achieving that goal that you so set your mind on as the clock struck midnight. Did I make a resolution? Nah. Why put one more thing out into the Universe to fail at, at least that is my thinking as I have never followed through with any resolutions. Yeah, I know it sounds harsh but really, we must stop throwing out our resolutions freely into the Universe for Google to start suggesting diet plans and plastic surgeons. My apologies for the rant but I just deleted about 70 emails that did not make it to the spam folder. The bulk of them were for diets because I had been looking up diet plans and not signing up. Also, I have mentioned several times how I would like the fat sucked out of my ass. Yes, that is a pipe dream and not something I would ever do as I hate the thought of any surgery but now suddenly, I am pre-approved for a loan to have plastic surgery and the emails all proclaim “Make that resolution come true, blah, blah, blah. Besides, I have enough unfinished projects to complete and also getting more social is not a resolution, but something I have always and will always continue to work on. So, really, I don’t make resolutions as I just don’t need that negativity in my life.

First of all, I am not plugging Spotify, but I love how it has figured out my moods or so I think. I clicked on the Daily Mix that the algorithms have picked out for me and it was like a cosmic nod from my Dad as one of his favorite songs just loaded, Brandy performed by Looking Glass. If CCR or Kenny Rogers comes on next I might have to douse my terminal in Holy water. Luckily, that will not have to happen as Bob just loaded and Even Now is playing and what message is it giving me

Even Now – Robert Seger Clark

There’s a highway
A lonesome stretch of gray
It runs between us
And takes me far away

Out in the distance
Always within reach
There’s a crossroad
Where all the victims meet

Really no message revealed but gosh if Bob Seger music doesn’t make you want to get in your car and take a long ride to no where with some good tunes cranked up, I don’t know what does. Yesterday hubby was home and we took a drive through Indio, Thermal and Coachella. We have been down most of the roads several times and I have certain streets that I like to photograph. There is this one field that we have stopped in front of many times and the last two times we stopped in the same spot we were approached by stray dogs or so I thought they were stray.

This little guy was friendly

We almost took the little dog home with us as it appeared to be lost and it happily hopped into our car. No lying but I had visions of the dog and Jenny playing together. We asked around and located the dogs owner and returned the little guy.

Not sure what this is, it looks like spinach or lettuce of some sort…
No matter how many times we have stopped here, I am always awed by the landscape.

After we left the little dog with its owner, we drove off and as we turned the corner, I could see another dog, or so I thought, in a nearby field. Hubby pulled over so I could look at it and then I pulled out my camera and did not get the coyote in focus as it was scared and retreating to the bushes to hide but got few pics.

Neighbors, yes, in the Coachella Valley we do have some wild neighbors.

Hopefully, no one tries to run this poor creature out of its home. It’s sad how humans tend to forget that they are not the only ones to inhabit this earth instead of proclaiming who is legal or illegal. Today, it saddened me to read a news headline about the mother of an adult child that is in the military. She was was holding a press conference before turning herself over to ICE. The worst part was the people that were making comments as they have every right to because after all we live in America, land of the free. However, in my opinion, we need to do more for education so these ignorant souls can learn about history. There are not many indigenous people to many places on Earth as humans are living, breathing and have feelings that some animals have not developed like, empathy. They also look to better themselves and the ones they love. Maybe that means taking on two or three jobs. Maybe that means paying smugglers to get them across foreign borders just to live a little longer or give there offspring a chance to live. These past few years have been a wake up call. It would have shocked me had ICE come to pick up my Mom because she broke some silly rule. Yes, my Mom came here illegally and never filed the proper paperwork. Okay, I know it is not silly, but some people really don’t know the rules or are too scared, yes, scared. Instead, I see people that I respect but can’t for the life of me understand how they cannot see that we are close to a dictatorship here in the land of the free?

Well, I guess my emotions got the best of me as I really did not mean to go on a rant. I wanted to think about the happy roads that we wandered down yesterday. I know how fortunate that we are and can wander this land, I will never take that for granted.

Beauty is everywhere and I had to admire the precision of rows in that field, it is just like a work of art.
A proud bull and his brood.

So, I am always looking for ways to up my portrait game and practicing always. Yesterday, I decided to get up closes and personal with the cows. As soon as I walked over to the fence and pulled out my camera the bull came over and posed. I was busy “ewwing” and “awwing” over them and he snorted and struck that pose above. Once I removed the camera from my face he changed position and it seemed like he motioned for his calves to come over for a photo. I felt like the dude that used to walk the neighborhood taking pics of children on a miniature horse.

This is the proud Mama and her babies.
Yes, I made sure to get his good side.
He really was a poser.

I still have dreams of living on a farm and I know that if that were to happen, I would probably turn vegetarian, just saying. This weekend we will be traveling to Seal Beach, can’t wait. I am sure that there will be lots of good music along the high way.

Thank you dear reader for stopping by and may you enjoy your day and freedoms. Peace to you and may all your roads be clear.

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