Good Saturday to you where ever in the world you are today. Hubby played last night with the Ghosts of Kelso at the 19th Hole in Palm Desert, CA. It is cool that it is only 5 minutes from our place. The 19th Hole has that Cheers feel to it. The place makes me long for Gem City in Monrovia, CA as both places have the same feel. I miss those days of walking into that place and hearing my name called out and all the “hug” greetings. Every town usually has two or three local favorites and I am sure that the 19th Hole is on quite a few peoples lists. We only go to bars and clubs when hubby is playing or if we check out a band I am interested in since we hardly ever drink alcohol anymore. Me, though, can have fun in a bar without getting drunk. During the early 2000’s, a good friend of mine was not able to drive so I was the designated driver for a few years. It was easy to give up drinking during that time as I was plenty busy with life and such. Back then I would rather have been sober that to have let my friend get a DUI and if I could drive now, I am sure I would volunteer for that important duty.

The Ghosts are scheduled tonight at the Red Barn and tomorrow at the Tack Room. I know that it’s a lot of work to haul around all their equipment, thank goodness my camera bag weighs less than 10 lbs or I would have to give up my hobby.

Last night, the Ghosts welcomed a new guitarist, Scott Reynolds.

I committed a major foul and did not notice that my card was full….Ugh! Time to get a couple more. I treat my cards like they are my negatives and refuse to download photos after a shoot and then wipe the card. I only download the ones to edit by scanning quickly over all the thumbnails and if something piques my interest, I open and save those. Usually, I only open and save less than 10 shots and then put the rest away till I can get back to them at a later time. From those 10 shots, I may not like any, I may like one. It’s not really a crap shoot taking photos as I do know what I am looking for like if the guitar playing hands are clear. I would much rather have clear hands than a clear face, but this is only my thinking as every photographer knows what they like. This is how you develop your own style, at least that is my thinking.

Even though their faces are a bit blurry I got clear bass, guitar and drummer hands.
Used the wall to steady myself for this shot.
I love that bass!

I am sure tonight will be more of the same. A fun crowd, dancing and laughing and sneaking out behind the Red Barn for a little good trouble. Can’t wait!

Oh, I mentioned in one of my posts about a volunteer opportunity. Anyhow, I went to the orientation on Wednesday and will be starting on Monday! I am looking forward to working with everyone and am super excited. Hmmm, I don’t think I have ever been this excited about any job before, paid or volunteer. I went for a photography position but also volunteered to help tutor in Excel and other office skills. A few years ago, a girlfriend of mine and I had plans starting a group for women so we could exchange clothes, help each other with resumes and teach basic office skills. It never came to fruition but I have never stopped thinking about those goals and dreams. Sometimes when you throw out things like that into the Universe it may materialize even if it is not in the vessel you had envisioned. Thank you Universe for the nudge.

So, I finally went back and started editing that shoot I did with Ashley Reinke last January 2019. It did bring up those painful memories but I am pushing through them. I even played around with the the edits.

I had visions of the weird landscape as we drove down this street before this shoot.
I hazed up the background a bit on this one but that is the same background as the photo above.
I had to lighten up the shadows and this was one of the shots that I took when I was taking a few test shots and checking my settings.

As with everything in my life right, editing is a slow process but slow and steady gets the race, right? Time for me to go and get on with stuff. To you dear reader, thank you for stopping by and hope to see you again. Hugs to you that is needing it.

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