Little Feets

Hello Tuesday! Haven’t had a chance to go over all the goodies I shot over the weekend as I am still recovering. I felt bad when I had to decline lunch yesterday as I thought it wouldn’t stay with me long. (Get your flu shots people or stay home!) Speaking of that, yesterday I had the best time. I spent around 3 hours photographing children from our community and the wonderful organization that has let me volunteer as a photog. Taking photos of children was easy as they all have a natural glow. I tried my best to capture photos as seen from their level, I got down on the floor, I crawled, I answered their questions and made silly faces back to the silly faces that would come up to me and quizzically look at my camera. The whole place had a glow, it was comfortable and inviting and it almost draws you in. I met lots of people yesterday and felt like I was at home, it felt right. This really has been something that I have been missing in my life. So, to any of you out there in the world that have thought about being charitable and you get a chance to donate, or volunteer to any of the fine organizations in the world that help feed, provide shelter, encourage, educate and many of the other amazing things that these organizations, please do, it truly is a gift to yourself and soul. I saw yesterday what the vision of two women from the Coachella Valley started over 30 years ago and it was beautiful thing, a work of art. I will not post photos here from yesterday or any of the future activities but do know that they were special, at least to me.

So, like I mentioned, the guys played three straight days this past weekend. Luckily, they have the next week off. They have two new members, Scott on lead guitar and John on piano. There were a few rough moments but that is the beauty of live music, you get the good, the bad and the dirty. Sometimes though, dirty is just right. It is real, and non-filtered. I like hearing the slap of the strings from bass and even the gritty sounds you can sometimes miss if you are not paying attention. This is what I sometimes try to capture in my photos.

See! They were rockin so hard you can see the singers soul!!

Okay, so that photo above is glitch in my mirrorless. I think I have dropped it way to many times and am actually shocked it works.

I look forward to them playing there again next month as it was nice to get some twilight shots. They usually play in the dark. The Red Barn is the darkest and I do not use flash while I am in there but know that if I did I could get better photos but really, I like the effects that under exposed photos can be.

I started poking around on stage during their break so I could get some photos of their instruments.
The other thing I love about the Red Barn is that wall and the neon signs.

It’s fun trying to visualize what the photo is going to look like when you are making adjustments to get the right effect, even before it is processed in Photoshop. I guess this is what they call “moody” and the Red Barn is definitely a moody place. I want to do a full photo shoot in there but need to get the nerve up to ask the owner. I am still a coward and no, I do not and most importantly, need to grow a pair. Oooops, there goes my Dad voice in my head again…

To you reader, thanks for hanging out for a bit, truly I appreciate it! May all your lights be green and where ever you are going, get there.

…to you, the man I have been avoiding and ignoring and blocked from my social media. Please do not comment or come near me again. You make me uncomfortable. I blocked you for a reason so please refrain from throwing your 2 cents in…just because my husband is nice to you doesn’t mean that I have to be nice to you. Peace out and good bye!

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