Wiped Out

Hello and good Sunday to you where ever in the world you are. Yes, hello Bangladesh, India, Canada, Denmark, Germany, France and Finland! Yes, those are some of the countries that have visited this blog in the last two days. Most of my visitors come from the good ol’ USA and hello to all of you as well. I often wonder what it is that makes some one stop by to check out my writing and photos as my titles always very loosely pertain to the subject or subjects that I write about. It is also cool to read all these other blogs that I follow and the new ones that I happen upon as they are suggested reading material. I really have read some inspiring stories and seen some of the art and the photography of others and found some great music. So to all of you bloggers, keep it up and thank you!

Yes, it is Sunday and Hubby is working, but should be home soon. I will be happy to report to him that my binge is over and I finished all six season of Drop Dead Diva. I really was not doing well last week and instead of pushing through I rested and watched TV. The Fire Stick can now have a much needed rest as well. So, no Sunday drive today but I have had so much that I shot and am still working on. A few weeks ago when hubby’s band played at a 1/2 Marathon and I took a few band photos. I have so many band photo ideas and it is hard to get them all together as they are all busy. That day we had glorious sunlight and I got to take some descent shots. I have always wanted to cartoon the guys and finally, it has happened. Below are a couple of my attempts.

One might think these guys watched an episode or two of America’s Next Top Model.
Still not perfect but getting there.

I know there is an easier way to cut out objects in Photoshop but I spent a combined total of around 4 hours to create each of those. Those four hours were spread over two weeks and it has kept me happily entertained. It’s fun to see that I am making progress in my learning of Photoshop and all the cool features it has. I even shot things that I want to re-imagine this past Friday when the Ghosts played at the Red Barn in Palm Desert. Yeah, to be honest, I love going to the Red Barn but in these past few years that the guys play, the lighting has been getting worse. However, the lighting is perfect if you are taking a Tinder date and you wanna keep it on the DL…if you know what I mean. So, even with the ISO cranked up to 26500 it was dark as F…as well, it was dark, okay.

I have wanted to get a good shot from behind the guys at the Red Barn and got lucky when a the seat opened up right behind the piano player.
I love, love, love this neon sign…no, I do not drink Bud Light.
This one looks like I had full light, fat chance. This is a close up of the stage shot at ISO 25600 with the Sony Mirrorless.

The Red Barn in Palm Desert is proud to be oldest Dive Bar in the Valley or was that classiest…hmm? Yes, they probably are right on both levels as it has been open for over 50 years and the crowd is always mixed. You never know who you are going to run into while visiting. I talked to a group of young men (around my sons age) that mentioned they just started a band and were looking to set up gigs. I followed the guys on IG and will keep an eye and ear out for them. The other cool thing that I can always count on when the guys play is all the dancing. I even took a spin on the floor for a minute or two. During the guys 3rd set, this group of high-spirited ladies sat next to me. They started playing Folsom Prison Blues and the dance floor filled. I loved the dance moves those gal had as well as the move of some of the other dancers on the floor as there was plenty of moving and grooving. Hearing the familiar phrase, “Oh, they’re playing my song!” never gets old.

Also, the staff is some of the best I have encountered. Fair warning, the staff monitoring the floor is on check. If you walk away from your drink, it will get picked up. Honestly, I wish more bars were like this as I have had a few friends that have been ruffied at other bars in my younger, going out days. So, again, kudos for this practice as I know how hard it is to keep bottles and glasses from building up on a weekend night as I have had to pick up glass after last call when I worked as a cocktail waitress and/or bartender. If you are ever in Palm Desert, California and dive bars and live music is your thing, do check out the Red Barn. It is located at:

73290 Highway 111 in Palm Desert, CA.

Also, it looks like a red barn, it is hard to miss. There is street parking in front and a few spaces in the back. Do step out behind the red barn as there is a covered smoking patio if that is your thang!

Thanks again for stopping by. Hope you had a peaceful, easy weekend. As always, where ever you are going, get there.

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