Saturday’s Child

Good morning to you where ever in the world you are! You made it and awoke today, Thursday March 5th, two days after Super Tuesday here in the States. When I was born in 1970, Richard Milhouse Nixon was a few years away from his impeachment and later resignation after the Watergate scandal. I still remember watching the news with my parents and getting really involved in politics at an early age. Super Tuesdays meant that I could stay up late to watch the polling reports. I remember being upset that I could not vote against Jimmy Carter because the voting age for me was still 11 years away. Honestly, I fell prey to the negative rhetoric from the campaign. Back then we were a democratic house but my Dad let me be the contrarian that I am, and oppose him and his Union views. Later on in my life, I came to see that Jimmy Carter was more than a peanut farmer from Plains, Georgia and he, despite negative media and such managed to make many changes for the good. He set up the US Department of Energy in 1977 and in 1978 he established the US Department for Education. Did he have secrets? Did he misuse money for his own gain? I don’t know, I have never been one to give much credence to mudslinging. Honestly, I don’t care that Nixon got caught in the Watergate scandal. No one is perfect. What stands out to me is that Nixon stepped down after his impeachment but before he did that he ended the draft as well as removing US soldiers from the Vietnam battlefields, to name a few things. Yes, he did bad things, but he also did much good. Anyhow, in the last 49 years I have witnessed an actor become a president, a president that got caught, literally with his pants around his ankles and got no more than a slap on the wrist. Even JFK, before my time was caught doing stuff. Now a man that has never hid his frat boy mentality is running this country, the land of the free like it’s his own house party, pushing the limits of morality and justice. After all, how proud am I to have a President that is known for making this statement about women, “Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything.” Being a woman that has been subject to unwanted grouping and touching at various jobs I have worked at in my life, I do not stand behind the leader of our country. I do stand behind our elected officials that are his checks and balances. At least (mostly, I hope) I know they are researching and doing homework before posting anything on Twitter or creating new laws. So, as a woman that has had my pussy grabbed a time or two when I clearly didn’t ask for it and was too afraid to report it as it could have cost me the job, I implore you women to make a difference and vote and fight for your rights, our rights. I cringe reading or hearing stories about things he has been caught on tape saying. Even with all the new laws and such, women are still prey. Has he really done as much good as he says so it would excuse his behavior? Cutting social programs and trying to erase the good that his predecessors achieved during their time in office is not a good look for him, just sayin’… Right now, I am on the fence as again we have a decision to make in November and really am not thrilled about our options. My Dad used to say “Choose the lesser of two evils.” Well, right now that is Biden or Sanders so I have so much more studying to do so I can make an educated guess on my mail-in ballot. Really though, does it matter who is in the White House if the Senate an House cannot agree or use all their energies to tear each other down? Anyhow, USA, we all have so much studying to do before we make our decisions. Hopefully, your decision is not based on mob mentality and you make an educated guess that you can live with.

This was probably taken in 1971 as I was born in March 1970. There in the background is my Daddy.

Well, I guess I am waxing nostalgic as I will be 50 in two days. Truly, I have had a full life and hope to see many more miles before I close my eyes forever. I have seen so much and not just in politics. I was around before cell phones and beepers. I used to journal in a book not on-line. My own mother even signed a permission slip authorizing elementary officials the right to perform corporal punishment if I got out of line. (I never pushed those limits during that time, so it was a good thing). However, I do like that in 50 years even though I have not been outside of the US, I have the world at my fingertips. I can look up the facts that I spoke about earlier and I can apply for a loan all at the same time and from the bathroom or loo or what ever you call it. I can read about far away places and see video and pictures of places I may never get to experience. The coolest thing is getting to find new music or looking up concert footage from concerts I never got to see. Heck I remember how cool I thought my Dad was because we had a CB Radio in our Blazer and now we can talk to a speaker as we are driving, never having to remove our hands from the wheel. I am ever so thankful that my Mom forgot to take her “daily pills” in the 70s instead of earlier as I may not be alive to be typing this as the surgery that saved my life had just become available in the US when I had my stroke from an inoperable cluster of immature veins (AVM). You see, my Mom was having a kid every two to three years, and had I been born in 1966 and had my stroke at 21 they would have sent me home to possibly have another stroke and die. Lucky me, I will never know as I know that so many that were not so lucky, like my own Dads mother that died from a stroke when my Dad was a young boy. I can’t imagine him being the parent knowing that your 21 year old daughter had the same thing happen that as his own mother. Oh and Dad if you there is an afterlife and you are watching down on me, “Thank you!”

Go Google! On the day I was born March 7, 1970 this was happening in the world!

Oh, I am really hitting the Google hard today! I also looked up on Google! the day of the week that I was born. I as I read over it, I cracked up and then a tear fell from my eye. Here is the poem:

Monday’s Child is fair of face; Tuesday’s Child is full of grace. Wednesday’s Child is full of woe; Thursday’s Child has far to go. Friday’s Child is loving and giving; Saturday’s Child works hard for a living. But the child who is born on the Sabbath Day Is bonny and blithe, merry and gay

I am a Saturday’s Child and yes, it is true, I sometimes say that I have worked enough for two life times for low pay, in jobs I truly hated and in jobs that I truly loved. When ever people ask me about my work experience, I see the eye rolls as no one could have ever done that many things in that short a period of time. Here goes my list of jobs from first to last, I am sure I am missing a few jobs. Never underestimate a women that needs to feed kids.

Age 16 – 18, cashier & customer service desk rep for KMart

Age 18 – sales clerk for a women’s clothing store.

Age 18 – 20, hired as a shipping clerk but learned data entry, how to use a lensometer, how to pull the correct lens blanks for orders, how to handle tough customers, how to repairs frames and how to speak with Optometrists and their staff – Eagle Optics

Took 1 year off for stroke 1991 – 1992

Age 20 – 33ish – receptionist, optician, accounting clerk, sales person, checking in lenses, interpreting prescriptions. A eye doctor in Temple City, CA – This has always been a steady job and I would always find time in my schedule to work for this doctor.

Age 23 – 24 – Behavioral aide for a group home.

Age 23 – teachers assistant and also substitute teacher as needed. No, I did not have the credentials but it was a private school…so…

Age 26 – 28 – Optical dispenser at Walmart part-time and on weekends

Age 28 – 30 – Customer service rep for an optical lab and working in TC.

Age 28 – 30 – Part-time optical dispenser at Lenscafters

Age 30 – Medical biller in Glendale for Opthamolgist

Age 30 – Medical Biller – El Segundo

Age 30 -31 Medical Biller in Century City.

Age 31 – Age 34 – Refund Clerk in the billing & Finance department of a large cancer facility.

Age 33 – 41 – Part-time work at the Brass Elephant: waitressing, bartending, coooking, accounting…among other things. (Took time off for surgery)

Age 32-34 – Weekend Manager at an independent living facility.

Age 34 – 35 – Had surgery that kept me from working for a year.

Age 35 – 44 – Restaurant accounting for 3 large restaurant groups.

Age 45 – 49 – this is when I moved to the Coachella Valley. I have not been so lucky with work. That is all I will say. Also, I didn’t know where to fit in the side jobs that I would get here and there like house cleaning and party set up or private bartending. I did my fair share of independent contractor jobs now that I think about it and also went to school to become a surgical tech in the mid-90’s. I do feel lazy sometimes because I am not working. I know that if I have to go out and find a job I will. I have worked in pain my whole life and am so grateful that today I do not to as I have hubby by my side.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this far. Hopefully, when my kids or grand kids are looking back and have questions this will be here to speak for me. This is why I keep writing, to tell my story. We all have a story, what is yours and what will you be doing next? What would you do over? For me, I would do nothing differently. I am thankful for all that I have experienced so far. Hugs to you that is needing it and where ever you are going today, get there.

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  1. morishige says:

    Thanks for sharing your story with us. I read it all the way down and I learnt many things from it.

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    1. Thank you so much for the message and for reading. 🙂

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