Kickin’ It

Good morning to you where ever you are this morning. Just like that, I made it! Made it to 50. When I was younger 50 was sooooo far away. Heck, even in my forties it was miles down the road. Well, now I am no longer in the 40-49 age bracket and you know something, it is not as scary as I thought. I didn’t magically turn grey or start collecting cats. I did however fall prey to the what-ifs and such. Like what would my life have been like if I had done this instead of that. So, in the midst of celebrating, I had that, “It’s my party, I’ll cry if I want to…” moment. and the flood gates in my lacrimal glands opened. God bless him for letting me have that moment and going through it with me. I have had a few relationships in these last 50 years and this time it just seems right. Do we fight? Of course we do. Do I wish he would do certain things or eat certain foods? Yes, I totally miss sushi and Vietnamese food from the local restaurants I used to frequent when I lived in Echo Park. I am sure he wishes that I did or didn’t do certain things as well. So, in 50 years, I have learned that relationships really do take work. Give and take is what it is all about. Sometimes a hug or holding hands can cure what ails ya’. Do know that you really do get what you put into it. I was always myself with him, mostly, when we first met and I am still that person. My old eyes still see him just I did 20 years ago. So, thank you hubby for the lovely trip it was exactly what I needed.

Birthday cake….oooh yeah!

We left for Laughlin, NV on March 7. I tried my best to be fully present in the car ride and only pulled out the cameras a few times on the way. I knew that I would have another opportunity to shoot at things that piqued my interest on the way home. I mentioned to hubby as we passed an old abandoned gas station that was decorated with wayward shoes, so on the way home when I was relaxed and feeling hazy, he remembered and stopped so I could take the shot. I was so tired that I didn’t bother crossing the road to get better shots. I am sure I will have another opportunity to see it.

You never know what you are going to see along that route, so keep your eyes open if you are ever traveling in those parts. The highway runs along train tracks. If you keep an eye on the tracks and the gravel, there are messages that have been left by travelers. I was too medicated to focus, so no pics.

This is across from the shoes…

When we arrived in Laughlin, the town was just waking up. Hotel parking lots were vacant mostly. We had time to kill before check-in so we went to visit the Regency Casino where we met with the man that married us three years ago.

Truth in advertising! Yes, one of the best breakfasts and meal that we had while we were there quite possibly because the service was so good. The hostess was cordial and showed us the specials and told me in Spanish about what a great value the specials are. She was right! The service was quick and I am sad that we were not able to stay another night for Taco Tuesday as she highly recommended it. Do check it out if you are ever in Laughin. It is quite a diamond.

Saturday night we saw a Bob Seger tribute band, The Sam Morrison band at the Riverside Resort. I only pulled out my camera at the end of the show. I really just wanted and hoped that he would play some of MY favorites as anyone who likes Bob has their own song or songs of his that gets their heart pumping or the memories flowing. During the show, there were a few sound glitches but really, it didn’t matter. I thoroughly enjoyed being in the room with all those other folks that were also waiting and singing along to their songs. During the sound glitches, the audience filled in on vocals and it was magical. Yes, he played some of the greats and some of my favorites but secretly, I was hoping for Fire Lake. There is always next time. Oh, so yeah I am 50 but sorry, Mr. Morrison, when I first saw you, I giggled. I am not too ashamed to know who Ron Jeremy is and the singer kind of had that look to him….just saying.

The following day we were up early. Okay, I was up early and woke hubby. I wanted to enjoy the sunrise over the river. During past trips I was too hungover or was on my way back to the hotel room when the sun was coming up. Not this time, I did have a few alcoholic beverages, it was b-day so I allowed my self to indulge. Anyhow, after we got coffee we headed to the Riverwalk and silently watched the river and the birds. It really is peaceful and changed my whole mood.

We walked down to the Water Taxi dock so I could get a few close-up shots of the river. I could have sat there for hours. There were ducks and cranes and several water birds seen carrying on with their daily lounging on the river. We had been there for 15 minutes when a couple of river racoons poked around the dock and then one of the critters bravely walked onto the dock and sat down and posed for a few photos.

Later that morning we took a ride along the old road, Route 66 to visit Kingman, AZ. The road there is like driving in a picture post card. You get desert landscape as well as green fields and mountain landscapes. Patches of yellow and purple wildflowers paved the way.

Kingman is a town rich in history as it along Historic Route 66. We checked out the Arizona Route 66 museum. The museum has many artifacts from the as far back as the dust bowl days and a very cool electric car exhibit that features a few of Willie Nelson golf cart as well as one of the first electric wheelchairs.

We also stopped by Hooch’s a local bar looking for the Clipper – Laker game. We ended up at a Chili’s in Kingman to watch the game. It was so much fun jut wish the Clippers would have won.

The next day we headed home. Hubby had mapped out our way home and included a detour to Oatman. While driving up the US 95, hubby spotted a group of donkeys grazing and he stopped so I could take a few pics. Thank goodness as there were no donkeys wandering around Oatman. We heard that they were all grazing on the greenery that last seasons rain brought.

There was one donkey in Oatman. It was the town’s honorary mayor, Walter the Orphan Donkey. He was taken in by his parents Kelly and Brad Blake. I just followed them on IG and FB and the photos and stories tell quite a tale. All, I see from the pictures is well, loved donkey that doesn’t know he is a donkey. Can’t wait to see the rest of that story and hopefully travel back there to see him again.

We also checked out the Oatman Jail. The town was quite filled with tourists and I was not walking well so we didn’t go into many of the crowded gift shops.

The rest of the ride home was peaceful and views as always were spectacular. Right now is a great time to visit the area if you are on a budget and don’t mind a casual experience. There is so much more out there to do and see and I look forward to traveling back there someday.

So, this is 50 and so far so good. Do I wish things were different? Sometimes, I do. I wish that my condition would have been caught sooner so I would have an easier time getting around as I have trouble walking. However, my disability is not going to define me or my activities. I just know that I need more rest and I am not as fast as I used to be so things take time. It does take longer to recuperate after an outing but I know that I will be okay. Can’t wait for the next adventure.

Thank you, dear reader for stopping by. May you have many adventures in your lifetime. As always, where ever you are going today, get there.

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  1. morishige says:

    Happy birthday! 😀 Thanks for sharing your beautiful birthday adventure 🙂

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    1. Thank you! You are welcome and thank you so much for comments! Have a beautiful day ! 🙂

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      1. morishige says:

        You’re most welcome! 🙂 Have a beautiful day too 😀

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