Highs & Lows

Well high there on this early April 3rd morning. I had been waiting for April 2020 for a few years. We, hubby and I, had been joking about launching the Grama Kush & the Smokers in time for this month as it would technically be 420, April ’20 all 30 days. However, like all things, I had to push back because other things needed to be taken care of first, like electricity and eating, you know, life stuff. So, I still worked on it, but not wholeheartedly. Below is the first draft of a faux concert shirt that I was trying to design.

I just uploaded this toFineart America as the Spreadshirt Site though this was inappropriate???

Hubby actually came up with the name Grama Kush as he started calling me that a few years ago after the birth of my first grand kid. We often talk about playing music together. Him playing guitar and me singing and possibly also playing guitar if I could just learn. (Yeah, that included learning to sing, as well…pipe dreams.) We kicked around band names and I think I said “Tokers!” and he said, “Grama Kush & the Smokers” and I am sure I probably made some goofy face and laughed. Like all things, it became a Pipe Dream and just floats around in my head waiting for a moment of lucidity.

It needs work. I am not a graphic artist!!!
Yeah, if my kids did this I would have told them, “Don’t you have better things to do with your money?”

We have jokingly, mostly me, thought about starting a band that plays songs about, well, weed. During one of our “hash sessions” we jokingly started talking about our faux road tour of towns famous because of the Devil’s lettuce. Humbolt, Denver, Lodi, Desert Pot Springs, Kushella. I could go on and on. I created the first shirt that is posted Fineart America if you want to check it out. I tried to sell it on the Spreadshirt website but it is a family friendly website and was not deemed appropriate. We also said we could have a rotating group of “Smokers” or sit in musicians. Hmmmm? Wheels started turning and still are churnin’. I had been practicing my video taping skills where ever and when ever I could because one of my “Pipe Dreams” was to be able to record/video – entertainers no matter who they are or where in there career they are – if they let me. An Interview In Grama’s Garden and I could bake something. Yeah really. In order for any of that to really happen, I need to work on me and finish something! So, yes, finish something. I have thrown so many goals out into the Universe, I think I will start with an easy one. So here they are:

1. Finish writing Throwing Fire Into the Water – This one is easy. I am half way there. It is after all, a short story. I am not planning on getting it published so no harm no foul. I just need to get it to a conclusion.

2. Learn guitar. I gave up two month ago. Hubby just got new strings so he can string my Fender and I can stop using his guitar.

That is it for now. Those two items may take me two days or they may take me 2 years. Those are the goals and so it is written. Maybe I will have to give a video update…no, not really. After those are done, I can start on another. Baby steps…

Do any of you Spotify? If you do and you are a Smoker I put together a list for this very special month. So, far, I have included 40 songs and it totals 3 hours and 37 minutes. I have a numbers thing. So, I am going to stop adding to the list when the total minutes equal 4:20. I know, right? There are so many more things I could be doing in my life right now like finding that lost sock, or fixing the leaking sink. You can also follow Grama Kush on Instagram. @grama_k_n_the_smokers I am such a nerd that I am going to turn the list into an Excel spreadsheet so that I can effectively figure out which songs to add and which ones to keep. The Spotify link is pasted below if you are bored. I made it collaborative for any one that would like to add their own special song. If ever there was a time to party, alone in your room, but together in music, now is the time.

Time to get on and do stuff like bother my cat, oh, I do that every day. Thank you for stopping by. Have a peaceful day and hope you belly laugh and smile so hard your cheeks ache and don’t stand so close to…

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  1. morishige says:

    Haha.. The gigs of the Grama Kush & the Smokers would be really awesome!

    You should put Bob Marley’s Ganja Gun on the playlist! (Sadly I don’t have a spotify. But I’m gonna check it out someday anyway.)

    And, you know what, there’s actually an indie duo (I guess they are only two of them) in Indonesia called FourTwenty. πŸ˜€ You should check it out πŸ™‚

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    1. Ha ha! Yeah! We have laughed over that before. That is the one thing about my hubby we get to daydream out loud a lot. So glad he likes music as much as I do. A huge plus that he plays so many instruments and is a Smoker!
      Consider it done! I needed to add a Bob Marley tune but couldn’t decide on one, so Thank you!
      I just checked out fourtwenty, I like it! Very mellow. A little Jason Mraz, A little -Josh Radin with a mix of Damien Rice. Check out Damiens song Dogs. The link I clicked on for fourtwenty youtube is a whole album, so I skipped through it.
      You are not missing anything with Spotify. Google Music and Youtube is just as good, if not better. I just use it because i have different playlists set up on it.

      Have a good day!

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      1. morishige says:

        Your songs would be great then πŸ˜€

        I found the song during my Bob Marley years like thirteen-fourteen years ago. I chuckled the first time I heard it. It feelt so sincere and sounded funny to me πŸ˜€

        The band Fourtwnty is a like thing right now among the youth here in my country. Kind of rebellious. πŸ˜€

        I’m gonna check out Damien’s song on YouTube (glad to hear that I’m not missing something by not listening to Spotify. πŸ˜€ )

        Have a good day too!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey there and good morning!

    Yeah we have joking said we thrown out song titles like Bong Water Spilled Blues and others.

    Rebellious? Hmmm. It sounds like coffee house type music and I wouldn’t guess rebellious. I will have to Google some of their lyrics. Maybe I can learn a few words.

    Hope you like Damien Rice. He is a favorite as well as another you might like and may have heard of, Ray LaMontagne. He is very mellow.

    Have a good day and hope things are going well in your country.


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