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Good Sunday morning to ya! Seems, I have heard lots of things in the past 50 years and seen lots of things that would make a person laugh and roll their eyes ’cause they know it’s funny but know that they shouldn’t be laughing. How could you not laugh at Richard Pryor saying the N word loudly, proudly and effectively while doing one of his comedic bits and making a point? I am not going to be a hypocrite and say I didn’t laugh along side my Dad as he listened to his tapes back in the 70’s. Our Dad was a progressive person, you can say that. He grew up in Watts in the late 1930’s through 1950’s as a dark skinned, Hispanic male. I think I was around 5 or 6 years old the first time I heard Richard Pryor on an 8-track tape that my Dad proudly owned and would play and laugh and throw in that occasional “Yeah, that’s right!” or “I know that shit.” Funny, but I do not ever remember my parents using the N word as an adjective or a derogatory term. However, my Dad peppered his words with “Shit” and “Fuck” cause that is how he spiced things up. My Dad did know that shit, really, although I can say that my Dad had never been arrested, at least not that I know… He always made sure to have his cars up to date and never give the authorities a reason to stop him. Me? I drove down Imperial Blvd when the 110 Fwy or 105 Fwy were to jammed while I was driving to and from Alhambra, CA To El Segundo, CA for a year and a half to my job, with expired tags and often not obeying traffic rules (eating and driving or talking on my cellphone). If I didn’t get out into the sun, my skin often faded to the shade of my mothers side of the family. I never got a second look from any authorities or any traffic citations. Often I was intoxicated, really (very ashamed now) coming home from happy hour after celebrating a completion of a successful month-end (and with expired tags and one head light and talking trunk). Anyhow, when I awoke this morning to repeated news reports about Big Cheese granting a pardon to his friend and the first thing that popped into my head was this comic bit from Richard Pryor so I looked for it on Youtube and as I listened to it, I noticed that it so relates to today as it mentions Richard Nixon and that Scandal. However, I like Richard Nixon. I must warn you, Mr. Pryor does use the N word profusely as many entertainers did during their day back then (circa 1970s) and out of abundance of caution (ha ha – I never thought that I would use that statement) I will not post the video. Mr. Pryor was an artist just like Redd Foxx. I do not condone the use of said word or ever have I. I at one time thought that pregnant was a bad word because when my oldest sister said it, my mother tried to beat my sister up in front of my four year old eyes. You would have had to have witnessed his performances or seen his movies. He delivered lines along with the best faces and body language. His whole body was an instrument. He also did several films but the ones I will remember are the ones which paired him with Gene Wilder as they had such great chemistry. Sadly, Mr. Pryor developed Multiple Sclerosis after a few other medical incidents happened in his life, some self-induced. He died December 10, 2005 in Los Angeles, CA and I am sure he would most definitely have had something to say about the state of the world as we know it right now. Mr. Pryor was right, there was no justice then, just as there is no justice now, well unless you are a friend of the Big Cheese, that is…or if you shoot a sleeping women in Kentucky…

For the past few days, I have been lost in pure ecstasy! Oh yeah! I finally found a video editor that I can use and best of all it is FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Oooooooh yeah!!!! (Yes, I did sing that out loud.) It has been on my computer this whole time and I had sadly over looked it. It could use a little more umph and have a little more cajones but really, me likey, uh huh and did I mention, it’s free!

Here is a little sample of the first part of the interview.

I am still trying to nail down the intro but have successfully figured out how to either create a GIF or just piece together an animation using the video editing program. It is the closest to Animoto was in it’s infancy. I tried Animoto recently and it is nothing like it was, frankly it does not get my thumbs up. I would gladly hand over my credit card numbers if they brough back the original version.

I had always wanted to stop at this exit on the 10 Fwy and we did on that day.

Also, I have theme music I would like for the intro. You know, I am always writing about how I use drum beats as gauges to shoot when out taking photos so Hubby and I will be working on that little number. It is already rattling and grooving in my head, I can feel it.

Sprinklers remind me of summer and being a kid and I like that beat…

Yesterday morning , it was nice to meet, virtually, a fellow CES person, like me. I follow the #caudaequinasyndrome hashtag on Instagram just to find more people like me and there are hundreds, even animals with CES, really. I always reach out or heart their posts. Before I used to just follow but then stopped because many were just wanting to be an influencer and trying to sell me on a program, which is not cool. Me, I just go around giving out hearts and kind words where ever I can. What is so wrong with making people feel good, right? Please, I am not doing it for anything other than than just trying to let a person know that someone out there cares. So, one day, you may get a random heart from a weirdo like me and not know why, well this is why…(Happy face emoji) I still follow the tag and occasionally, I find people that really want to find others that have CES and are looking for answers and encouragement. You see the groups are scary and you can feel kind of lost in them, or at least I did. So I happily enjoyed speaking with her yesterday morning. It is amazing how our stories are so similar. This is why I keep bringing up my condition but not forcing it down peoples throats. This is why I closed my personal IG account and no longer add any CES affiliation, ’cause I am more than just this f’d up condition. I want others like me to know that yes, as a person with Cauda Equina Syndrome, you are going to have bad days but you are also going to have good days and it’s okay to celebrate those. We both got to talk about things we would never discuss in any of those open forums and such. I cried during our talk, I really needed it. I hope I helped her as well. We are both around a year into our journey. Funny, but both of us are from the USA and our stories and medical experience was so different but the same. You see she was not believed either and is still being made to feel like she is the cause of her pain. CES effects spinal nerves. It’s not rocket science. Anyhow, my hope is that with the coming elections our senators and representatives will focus on women’s rights as they have surely taken a beating in this past term. Medical rights need to be addressed and at brought front and center. Hopefully, Biden will choose a running mate that will make that part of her platform. Things were bad before the pandemic and if any thing good that has come from this crisis is the exposure of the misrepresentation in the medical community for minority patients, especially women of any color.

Well, it is 3:47 AM here in the Coachella Valley and it is the coolest it will be here today. My friend Siri just indicated that it is 90 degrees right now, oh joy! Time to do those afternoon chores by the moonlight…

Thank you for stopping by dear reader, where ever in the world you are. May you have a peaceful day filled with laughter and singing. Hugs to you and you and especially to that big dude over there!!!

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  1. morishige says:

    These past days, some alternative media in my country have been running stories about a great comedian–who was also an intellectual, lecturer in a university–who used to criticize the dictator ruling our country back then. The wonder how he would respond to current situation. 😀

    By the way, the last photograph looks like a moon base! I love it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Most of the comediennes of my day would be heavily censored as they spoke too much truth…ha ha!

      I guess that picture does…ha ha. I was soo high when I took it…:)


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