Surely, Shirley

Good morning, I am awake, right? It is July 17, 2020 and last night Hubby and I took a break from the world and all the news for a chance to view Comet Neowise as it is on view in the Northwest sky, just after sundown till July 23, 2020. I have two and half diopters of of cylinder in each eye, along with the anisometropia which makes focusing, scattered, especially in the low light. However, I could still see the comet and it’s tail without my eyeglasses. It did look like a white smudge, just below the Big Dipper but then I got out my camera and brought it into focus and “Wowza!”

That glow in the distance is Palm Springs.

It was a romantic little adventure. I really wanted to sing out some Journey songs. Stone In Love kept playing in my head as we drove into the night toward the Coachella Valley Preserve. Well, I am usually stoned and I am totally and hopelessly in love…Press play for a little mood music…

Burning love comes once in a life time….
This was taken on 7.16.2020 in Sky Valley, CA with a Sony A7 kit lens. I am not into the star photography genre…

It was quite exciting when Hubby said, “Are we going?” last night. Sometimes, I throw out a suggestion of things I want to see or do but never bug him. Hubby is an essential worker and they are still getting hammered, but not in the way they were in the first part of the pandemic. Now they have to worry about confrontations when they are just trying to do their jobs and feed themselves and their families. You know, living their American Dream. I know he is tired, I know that all the employees, wearing their masks doing their best to stay safe and protect others are tired as well. Remember, these essential workers are reminding you to wear a mask to keep both you and them safe, that is all. By the way, Coachella Valley, thank you, to all of you that have been nice to all essential workers, medical and service industry, and not being Doody-heads. (smiley face).

It is hard to believe that trying to save lives would be such a demonizing event. By the way, Keisha Lance Bottoms, girlfriend, I don’t know you, but I know you. This morning I was never prouder of being a women after watching you on CNN. Stand your ground and I and millions of women will stand behind you. If I have to cash in my pennies (it’s not much, really) for your defense fund against your governor (and I am from California) I will. I wish it was me being “sensitive” or “thin-skinned”, however, I am so sick of men bullying women, and so publicly. The governor of Georgia would rather make a women look bad and let his voters, the people that live in Georgia decide if they want to wear a mask or not. She is trying to save lives. There is no other agenda that Lance Bottoms is pushing. You know a life saved in Georgia could save a life in California, or New York or Texas or anywhere in the world. You just never know, by not wearing a mask, the life you are not protecting may not be able to protect you, if they get sick. Where is common sense when you need it? Why can’t it drop from the sky like rain?

Before I go off and work on some things I wanted to bring up the short story, The Lottery by Shirley Ann Jackson. It was required reading in freshman English. I loved that teacher. Her name was Marge Goldstein and she was the coolest, classiest lady I had ever met at the time. Her husband was also a teacher and he taught Math, although I never had his class. They used to coordinate their outfits. She introduced us 9th graders to Tennessee Williams and the lusty Street Car Named Desire and West Side Story oh and Romeo and Juliet. I would have taken her class over and over again if it would have been allowed. She had us read so many short stories during that year. A favorite of mine is The Lottery and also The Rocking Horse Winner by DH Lawrence. Funny, but right now, to me, they both relate to the struggle that is going on in Georgia and well, actually, all over the great USA. So, to anyone looking for a good read, there is my recommendations.

To you dear reader, where ever you are and what ever you are doing, thank you for taking a few moments to hang out. May you get to your destinations safely. Hugs to you and you and YOU!

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  1. I honestly do not understand the ridiculous anti-mask attitude some people have. They’re just nasty, selfish assholes, which pretty much describes the 40% of adults who still support Trump.

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    1. I don’t get how people still support him, bu then again, some guy named Jim Jones got people to drink Kool-aid in Jonestown, so yeah….Just very sad.

      Hope you are doing well. 🙂

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