Twist and SHOUT!!!

Good morning to you! It’s Sunday morning here in the Coachella Valley on this July 26, 2020. It has been hard to come back here. I had a Electromyography (EMG) and Nerve Conduction Studies. I am so glad that I did not read about it before I took it. I went blindly into this test as I made a pact with myself to be a more compliant patient and had I read about the test, I wouldn’t have done it. My neurologist even commented how brave I was after the test as I only made a few comments during the procedure. He had asked if I needed a break and I told him to just get it done and over. I wasn’t expecting to be sore for days after the test and all the bruising from the needle that was placed subcutaneously and then had electric current running through it. It was a joy, really. No, not really. Luckily, below my knee on my right leg, I can hardly feel pain or temperature for that matter. I was supposed to have this test done a few times in the past. I had a neurologist at the Kaiser in LA that treated me after my stroke and around 1996-97 that Dr. wanted to rule out Lupus and MS and even Myesthenia Gravis as I was having trouble swallowing and had severe eye pain. (I still have those symptoms.) All the tests I took kept coming back negative. Anyhow, I remember there were a few tests I refused and this was one of them. Well, now I never have to take it again. I would gladly have a mamo everyday instead of that test. I will get the results of it after the MRI I take this Monday. Oh joy and then I can proclaim on social media, “I took a test and I passed beautifully.” Not really.

A little listening music by Lisa Loeb

Earlier in the week, Hubby and I had been out chasing the comet. On Wednesday, the day before my test, we took a night ride out to a favorite spot of mine, Box Canyon. There is no artificial light the deeper into the drive. We first stopped along the 10 Fwy side of Box Canyon Road just as the sun was setting. The sky was a pale powder blue that faded into a rich purple color. The stars had just started to twinkle. It was the best!

The waxing crescent moon in West made for a spectacular sunset. Had I been feeling better and perhaps if this event had occurred years ago, I may have planned a night picnic. However, I watch too much Dateline to have been comfortable along that lonely, dark two land road. We only saw a handful of cars during that hour and half that we were there.

I made that! I know, not amazing but for me it is!!!

So, even with all the events that are happening in our world and in my life, it was nice to be quite for a bit and just observe. Also, during the past eek, I finished watching the TV series, The Good Place. The show was cleverly written and it stayed long enough to get the story to a meaningful, unrushed ending, leaving no questions. The show made me think of the book Paradise Lost that I had to read in high school. I remember not wanting to read it and then we had to. It was required. I may have to go back and read that epic poem to see if Milton had foretold the state of the world as it is in the present when he wrote that epic poem. However, I do recommend the TV series to anyone looking for a little dose of good stuff and morality with a healthy dose of comedy, do check it out.

One last thought before I go back to resting. Way to go AOC!!! I know things are f-ed up right now but watching her give that speech that millions of women have wanted to give in their lifetimes gave me hope. She spoke what women, girls, daughters, mothers, aunties and grama’s world wide have wanted to say but have kept quiet for fear of being called “Crazy, hysterical, thin-skinned, sensitive and so on and so forth. I am sure if I ask 10 women if they have been treated in the manner that Ms. Ocasio-Cortez has had to endure in just that brief moment that was witnessed, more than a third would raise their hand. That is a third too much. There is still a long road but at least the mistreatment of women is not being hidden any longer, so again, You go girl and thank you!!!

Here is a call back to a post from July 4th, 2020 were I mention how women are treated. It seems to be one of the common themes in many of my posts.

Well, like I said, it is Sunday and a time to relax if you can and thank you for stopping by. May you laugh so hard you cry. Hugs to you and YOU!

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  1. You’re a brave, creative and colorful soul, Michelle, and I admire both your strength and sense of wonder for the natural world. And I feel for you re: your painful nerve test. I’m still recovering from my knee surgery, and am tired of having pain for years prior to the surgery and weeks of it afterward. Still, it sounds like my pain pales in comparison to yours.

    I totally agree with your sentiments about AOC’s speech before Congress. There are many wonderful, kind and sensitive men out there, but a lot of them are assholes.

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    1. Good morning! (It’s 3:30 AM)
      Thank you for being so kind. I feel so weak sometimes and I really needed those encouraging words at this moment! Yes, colorful I guess I have to agree with that…ha ha! Hopefully, your knee is feeling better. You are brave for having had the surgery! Knees are rough, many intricate parts to the knee plus it has to support you while you walk and stand. (Hurts just thinking about it.) I wish you didn’t understand long term pain, cause as you know it just plain sucks! Your knee sounds painful, and I know that it is because many of my friends that have knee issues say it is debilitating but the ones that had surgeries have all said that they wished they would have done it sooner. Hoping your pain gets better or at least becomes manageable.

      It was sad that AOC had to endure it but so glad she didn’t let him get away with it. Yes, I have worked with many kind and powerful men but there are always a few that sneak through and become bosses and people in power. By the way, women are also capable of being self-serving a-holes as well….just saying.

      Have a lovely day and be safe! 🙂

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  2. Thanks for your kind words. I should have had knee replacement surgery 3-4 years ago, but being self-employed, it would have been too great a financial burden for me to be off work for so long. Now that I’m on Medicare and just started taking social security (I’m old), it was a better time to finally have it done.

    And you’re right of course that there are also some rotten women too (some of whom are in Trump’s cabinet or in the Senate & Congress).

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    1. You are welcome. I hear you on the putting off things like surgeries because of not having enough insurance and such. Had I had the spine surgery when my kids were younger, I may not have survived financially either.
      That is a long time to be in pain. Hope it gets better for you cause you are not old, I think of it as seasoned. You and I and people around our age we have just more life experiences than people that have not been walking around on the earth as long as us…:) Hopefully, you will be walking around pain free.

      I have worked for a few women that were the biggest bullies, worse than men.Yeah, sure knows how to pick his press secretaries…I have 10 bucks on her lasting two more weeks…

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