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Good morning world! It is July 31, 2020 and the last day in the longest July that I can remember. These past few weeks have been rough but I have had a chance to work on my project and have spent hours (here and there pain permitting) editing the just under 6 minute video. Really, I am not sure what to call it as it really isn’t a vlog. Hubby has been a great sport as I know it is hard for him to open up. For anyone just reading this blog for the first time I am a 50 year old wife, mother and grandma learning new skills (I guess that is what you can call it). I have always been a dreamer and hoping to do something in my life with all my crazy ideas as I am a little scattered and consistently, inconsistent! Luckily, Hubby goes along with most of my hair brained ideas. He didn’t tell me to stop when the casino started reminding me of the rules, that I kept breaking. He has helped me work out ideas and has been there to help me when I need it. Anyhow,my latest idea is not really a new idea, I have been kicking it around for the past three years photographing and video taping the cover band, The Ghosts of Kelso. Hubby is the bass player in that band.

Not long ago, I had tried, unsuccessfully, to start a project that I named “Your Pain is Showing”. I wanted to feature artists, writers, musicians or anyone that wanted to share their pain story and what they do to quiet it. I chose that subject as it is near to me because of my condition Cauda Equina Syndrome and I live in constant pain and have trouble walking since my surgery to remove two discs from my spine. I use my camera and other media to forget about my pain for even a little bit. I was hoping to meet others like or get inspiration from others like me. Anyhow, I understand that most people will not want to share their pain stories so like I said, I gave up on that idea but knew that I wanted to do something and after Hubby’s last vacation as I had learned so much about him that I had no idea about, mainly his musical tastes and influences. So, my wheels started clicking and I thought about all the things and people I have taken photos of and wanted to know more about their stories like why did they choose to become a performer or who inspires them or why did they choose a certain instrument or do they have a ritual before they perform. So, I started recording Hubby while we are out on drives and started asking him questions.

This project also helps in my therapy as I trouble speaking as my tongue and jaw get what I describe as lazy and I slur my words. I never knew how hard it would be to be a passenger in a moving car while holding a camera to my face and holding a conversation. It truly is a “walking and chewing gum” experience. The IG post above is a good example of my speaking and boy do I need work!

So this is the direction I am going into along with Hubby and am thankful that he has been so open to telling stories and answering questions from his past. As have I always thought that no one tell their story better than themselves so this is another reason why I am doing it. Hopefully I can get others that our willing to share their stories or anything that they want to leave as gifts to their families, friends and for the future. I chose Hubby as my first subject as I have tons of footage of him playing music and photos of him. Also, I know and he knows how life can change in an instant as he has survived cancer.

During one of the interviews we talked about when he first moved to California and it did give me a good picture of him as young boy. I myself lived in the same house on Lewiston St. in Duarte, CA from 1970ish to 1992 so I really never got to experience a move as a child and having to start over again in a new city and have to make new friends. Inanother session, shown below, he describes how he started playing bass.

I asked him why he chose to play bass and he tells that story in this clip.

My camera sure loves him or maybe it is just that he knows how to pose for shots. He seems to find his light without me even having to make many adjustments. I can be hidden in the dark or a crowd and his eyes will always find me.

I love watching him play because of some of the faces he makes.
I love tractors and then he posed and I quickly snapped this shot in Oatman, AZ this past March 2020.

So far, I have 6 minutes of footage edited. It is has been slow as I am having trouble with the heat and pain. This is common around this time of year for me and I know it is difficult for Hubby as well as the weather affects his joints as well. Heck, it was only 5 years ago that he had battled cancer. Hopefully, I will get a great picture to present and leave for his kids and future grand kids to look back on in the future.

This was taken July 2015 in Redondo Beach, CA just three months after his surgery.

So this is my newest project and hopefully I can get others to share their stories as a picture of them or their art. Times are so uncertain these days with the pandemic and the upcoming election so it just seems like now is the time to embark on this journey.

This shaky video was shot a week before my surgery in Long Beach. Hubby is jamming in the back of the horns. Hey, who is that singer, where have I seen him before?

The above video is one of the many that I have captured in the last 3 years. I have plenty of many other entertainers that I have captured. Hmmm, maybe I can reach out to one of those people and learn a little more about them and what makes them tick? So this is a little of what I have been up to lately. So, as I was saying for this project, I want to get real pictures of people by telling a little of their story or what ever a person would be willing to share and leave for future generations. Just getting back to my feelings that no one tells their story better than the person the story is about.

This was taken in 2019 in Joshua Tree.

To anyone that would like to participate and you are local to the Coachella Valley, please email I am hoping to find other people to collaborate with or maybe trade skills and such but know that because of the pandemic it may not be doable. With technology being what it is, maybe I can find people that want to work together remotely, just a thought. However, fingers crossed that someone wants to join in.

To you dear read, where ever in the world you are, have a peaceful day. May today be the day you make the change, whatever it is. Hugs to you and you and especially YOU over there!

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