Hey ya’ll! You made it to see another day and that is a good thing! It is August 4, 2020 and I was just watching CNN and just saw the funniest stuff ever! It had graphs, and numbers and like I said, it was like I was watching a clip from Saturday Night Live from the 70s. I was around 7 years old and I still remember the mudslinging that continued after Jimmy Carter was elected. Remember, I have mentioned that I used to dislike Mr. Carter as I fell prey to the name calling and mudslinging from the elections. Why else would a 6 year old Hispanic girl from California with a hardworking Union man as a father proclaim, “I am Republican!” ? Anyhow, the clip below was etched in that young brain and lo and behold I found it on Youtube! It even references the Allman Brothers! Thank you to the poster! I also mentioned that my party and my dislike of Jimmy Carter has changed as I now admire him. He really did many great things, just thinking about Habitat for Humanity.

Faux Nixon is at the end of the clip…classic!!

Anyhow, this morning the interview made me laugh out loud cause Big Cheese pulled out papers with colored boxes that looked like a graph. However, I know how easy it is to make a graph and manipulate numbers from my years in accounting. Big Cheese, maybe if you are nice to Governor Cuomo, he can teach you a thing or two about presentations and graphs. Perhaps a crash course in Power Point or maybe you need staff that has real world skills? I had a controller that would have eaten me alive if I presented papers like that. I wanted to yell out…”Due diligence?!?!?!?!” you know the facts that make up the graphs. Oh sorry, I am acting like I know something after all, I learned accounting on the job and with Google.

Some days I miss working in an office and having a place to go everyday. What I do not miss is office politics and not much different that what is going on in DC. I was an auditor and was paid to look for and point out mistakes. So, yes, even if Excel says it is equal and correct, it may not be as a numbers person knows how to manipulate the decimals when needed and me, I could spot those like I was doing a Hidden Pictures puzzle and find out after auditing, calculating and such that the numbers did lie. One thing that is clear and I learned from my time in the corporate world, when people don’t know something, they usually try and bullying you into accepting their truth. I had one trainer from one of my last jobs insult me but then say “You are so sensitive! Suck it up!” Why, because she was teaching me how to process refunds and she could not explain why they had been sitting in customer accounts for years. I asked her about to verify that they were deposited in the bank or if a credit had been issued to their credit cards and she snapped! Truth is, she didn’t know and it was later found out that some of those accounts with credits actually weren’t due refunds. A customer even confirmed it with the bank statements. You see, numbers again, were manipulated to cover for overcharges and mistakes and left on accounts in ERROR, before I even started working for that company….Oy Vey!!! Oh my brain hurt from thinking about past work. I took a break and found these oldies in my FB albums…

These are from the years when I relied on my cell phone to capture my photos. Some aren’t too bad. That fuzzy one is from the weekend in 2013 that I had to wear a “walking EEG” to see how many seizures I was having a day so they could adjust my medication. I really needed these happy memories…

Also, I have mentioned that I was a single mother for many years and that interview made me think about all the times I would argue with my boys about cleaning up after themselves or just helping out or going to school. Like a broken record I would sing out, “I don’t care what your brother is doing, you are wasting time pointing fingers or you could be done quickly if you work together!” Okay, so maybe I didn’t sing it but yelled and screamed it. I often wondered if I had spanked them instead of using “Time-out” that they would have turned out differently. However, I do have very polite, conscientious, caring, strong men now, all of them. It seems that all the bitching and moaning about caring for each other (Sometimes I thought they were going to kill each other), including their big sister, has worked. Yes, I did throw out many of their beloved items and such but I think they fared well. Anyhow, back to that interview, I wonder if Big Cheese was maybe not spanked or taught good manners as good manners and commonsense are priceless and no amount of money can buy those two things. Hmmmm cash rich and commonsense poor? Maybe he needed more hugs or someone one to say “I love you” every chance they got. I wonder. Maybe, someone needed to say “No!” to him as it does appear that he believes everything that is coming out of his mouth. It’s scary, really. All I can say about this is, “Vote”.

Thank you dear reader for stopping by. Hope you have a lovely day after all it is Taco Tuesday and there are tons of local restaurants offering take-out! (Stomach rumbling….) Hugs to you and you and YOU!

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