Hello world and good day to you! It is August 6, 2020 and it’s Thursday. The Sun has been kind and temps will only get to around 107 today and the overnight temps drop to a chilly mid 70s. It’s funny but this past summer I came to appreciate fans. I remember when my boys were younger, they would sleep near naked (and without blankets) with the windows open and a fan blowing on them. I thought they were going to get sick because sometimes it was so cold in that little apartment in Echo Park that you could see your breath. Now, I can’t sleep without a fan on me, even with the AC on. There is just something about fresh air I guess. Now to admit that they were right, it is much more comfortable. Also, because of the temps around here, traveling any where after 10 AM is not desirable as I over heat rather quickly. Perhaps the effects of all the medications that I have been on in the last 20 years. Hubby and I took a quick drive around yesterday morning as the sun was coming up. It was so nice to have the windows down to I could shoot photos as we drove around the Coachella Valley.

It was so nice to get out of the house for more that 30 minutes as I have been opting out of going with Hubby on errands in the afternoon because of the heat. So just after sunrise we took off to grab a little breakfast and head out for a drive.

Actually, I started shooting photos on morning walk with Jenny, our pug. The air was cool and the waning moon glowing brightly over the Santa Rosa Mountains was a sight to see.

Every morning my zinnia plants greet me and display their newest blooms,. It is shocking that the heat has not destroyed them as some of my other plants did not survive.

We drove out towards Indio and then through the city of Coachella as we talked and listened to music. I shot random photos as we drove or had Hubby pull over so I could get out to take a few shots.

Yesterday, just went out and shot not looking for perfection but for inspiration. It keeps my mind active even though my body does not work as it once did. Really though I could find something interesting in just about anything.

We returned home after driving around for a little under two hours. Sadly, we passed many closed businesses, the collateral damage over pointing fingers over which color, red or blue is greater. This time can we agree to disagree and just work together for the greater good?

We saw a firetruck and even at 50 I get all giddy with excitement when I see a fire truck!!

Thank you to all first responders!!!

I was happy to capture that Indio sign and backwards, as I had tried unsuccessfully before as we usually speed by it. I also got a shot of the Bermuda Dunes Airport and one day I will get a better shot as we pass it.

So, yeah, not a fancy date or drive but just the what I like as there is just so much to see here in the Valley. You get desert landscapes as well as green fields and canals that cover the land. It was a nice little ride. I get why my Dad liked the back roads versus congested freeways. Anyhow, rumor has it that my favorite, middle son, is due out in these parts later today. So, time to get crafty in the kitchen. Can’t wait! Sounds like a great start to the weekend.

To you dear reader, where ever you are and what ever you are doing hope you get outside for a bit of fresh air and sunshine. Hugs to you and you and You over there!

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  1. Beautiful images. I agree, we need to get out & get some sunshine , safely of course. Inspiration is like no other when close to nature. Thanks

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    1. Greetings and thank you for the comment! Very much appreciated. So true about nature and all the little things we sometimes miss. Luckily I have an endless supply of inspiration here in the desert.

      Have a beautiful day.

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