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Good morning to ya’ll! It’s Monday and you made it through the weekend! Hard to believe that we are 11 days deep into August 2020. Thank you to all that have stopped by to check things out and especially to all those that hit the subscribe button! It almost makes me feel like a world traveler knowing that my words and pictures are viewed in different parts of the world like Portugal and Denmark. Very cool! So maybe I am not traveling, but my work is and that is pretty cool in my book! So thank you, again, to all of you that have stopped by, you all rock my world!

Sunday, Hubby and I took a road trip out West as my favorite middle son came to visit his little brother for the weekend and sadly we had to take him back to his home. I was a little sad that he didn’t spend more time with me but really though, my heart is so full! My boys, as my middle son put it, are “tight.” He mentioned like “Best friends.” It was hard to not get choked up. Really though, it felt like the best gift I have ever received. It was also cool to get to talk to my son about stuff like politics and life. After we dropped my son off we headed out West to Redondo Beach, one of my favorite-est places in California.

You never know what you are going to hit when you hit the button.

We headed out on the 10 Fwy going West Bound and the traffic was light for that time of day and even on a Sunday. Usually the 5 & 10 Fwy interchange is jammed and I am able to take my time trying to get the DTLA skyline but not on this day! I think Hubby didn’t go slower than 55 the entire trip there and back. So, I had to shoot quickly and here are some of those shots.

The temps were, what can I say, “Deliciously delightful! Ooooh Yeah!” We had just left the desert temps and the temps have been hovering around 110 for the past week so the 80 degree weather felt a bit chilly and oh so fresh. It was hard to keep from grinning and “ooohing and awing” along the way. Really, I do love LA. Speaking of I love LA here is a little listening music from Randy Newman. Do check out his website if you, like me have memories of this song in your summer memories of Los Angeles.

I remember roller skating to this song!

We took the 110 to the 105 Fwy. This too was a familiar route for me when I lived in the area and worked in the West side. Passing the Imperial Blvd exit just before the 110 /105 Westbound interchange, I remember exiting there most days as the traffic around 5:30 AM was already bumper to bumper. Not on this Sunday it was wide open and I was able to get a few shots before we exited near Manhattan Beach.

When we got closer to Manhattan Beach the traffic did start to thicken. It was nice to see a busy, tourist town that was full of masked creatures sitting at tables in front of restaurants. Me, I pray that life resumes as it seems that we have come to road block or political tug -o-war, from all the pandemic issues, every time I am out lately. It was nice to see so many masked people, caring for themselves and others despite all the mask issues.

It was nice hearing about different memories from Hubby and me reliving my memories of the area in my head. I did spend lots of time there and and remembered a date that Hubby and I had at the Redondo Beach Comedy & Magic Club around 20 years ago. Hope they re-open and make it through.

I hear Pancho’s is muy bueno!

Parking was easy as I recall. I remember many drives up and down Esplanade searching, desperately for street parking, with a car full of kids. Yeah, I was always too cheap to pay for parking if I could help it as it meant we could save that money for other things like Krispy Kremes and the walking, well cause sometimes we had to walk for miles burned calories…so yeah I could rationalize those ooey, gooey, empty calories.

We got lucky and found a great parking spot. Although I am walking okay-ish, I did refrain from taking the long walk down that hill to the water. I was sad, really as I longed to put my feet in the cool salt water. We noticed a group of swimmers out in the ocean and I got out my camera to zoom in for a closer look. Out by the swimmers was a pod of dolphins leaping through the air and putting on a show. I tell ya, Mother Nature is killing it in the entertainment department!

The dolphins are just near the guy in the kayak.

If I had million dollars, or maybe a Trillion dollars, I would so love to live here in that city. Another one of my pipe dreams. I could have spent all day there but we headed back to the desert.

I just noticed the seagulls.

We headed back to the Coachella Valley around 1 PM and arrived home around 3 PM. Even the 91 Fwy was wide open. I look forward to going back again as I am sure we will again before summer ends. Hopefully, when we do, things will be better in the world. Oh yeah, one last shot of this mamoth on the side of this hill near the 91 Fwy in Redlands. I am not sure what is there, I think perhaps a museum but would love to check it out.

One last thing, I asked Hubby to compose some theme music for me to add to my project. I am so loving it! He really just gets me and I love the funkiness of it. I am still editing and trying how to best sync it with the animation.

The first edit with the theme music.

The process has been slow but that is okay as this like everything is a learning experience. The song though, I have to say again, how much I dig it and really this is like one of the best gifts he has ever given.

To you dear reader, thank you for the visit! May your day be filled with laughter and sweetness….like a glazed…you know….Hugs to you and you and especially YOU over there!

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  1. Alien Resort says:

    And there’s also Susan Raye’s “LA International Airport”.

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    1. Very cool song! Thanks for the tip as I had never heard that one 🙂

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      1. Alien Resort says:

        That’s one of my favorite songs.

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