Good morning world! How in the heck are you? You made it to September 2, 2020, and that is a good thing! Yesterday, we traveled over the mountains (not really) and through the sea of Joshua Tree for a little sightseeing. We had planned to go check out the Milky Way but changed our plans at the last minute and left later in the morning at 5 AMish, just as the sky was waking up.

Often, we head out East on the 10 Fwy to catch the sunrise as we travel toward a favorite destination of ours, Joshua Tree. Originally, we had planned to leave around 3 AM to gaze at the stars of the Milk Way. Venus was bright in the sky and in competition with the Waxing Gibbous moon on September 1, 2020. Luckily, we left later in the morning as it gave me time in the early light to explore. If you eve get the chance, do stop and gaze at a sunrise in Joshua Tree as it was quite peaceful and relaxing. It was the perfect start to the day.

The mountains in the distance are mesmerizing
One of the many exhibits in Joshua Tree.

The morning shadows make the rocks appear different and almost alive. Several jack rabbits crossed our paths as we drove as well as what looked like muskrats or some sort of desert rodent.

I have been practicing so much I brought my guitar along for a few shots πŸ™‚
My partner & playmate. It really is hard to be married to me but he does a great job!
I look at these tracks like a CSI…just sayin’…
I zoned out on the drive to the entrance/exit near 29 Palms.
My dream, his dream, our dream is to hit the open road in an RV.

Around 7 AM, we exited the park and I remembered that I had seen an article about Noah Purifoy on our last trip to Landers. According to the website, Mr. Purifoy is an African-American artist born in Snow Hill, Alabama in 1917.

I do not wish to be an artist, I only wish that art enables me to be.

– Noah Purifoy, 1963

I just visited the Noah Purifoy website. Again, I am sad that I did not know about this artist. He was a founding director of the Watts Towers that were constructed after the landscape changing,Watts rebellion (or what most will call riots). 66 Signs of Neon was born after the rebellion. He along with six other artists created art out of the lead drippings of neon signs that were damaged in the riots. Purifoy brought art to the desert just north of 29 Palms and close to Landers and for the last 15 years of his life, he created art out of recycled goods that most would consider rubbish in the Mojave desert. . Also, he started the program, Artists in Social Institutions,Β which brought art into the state prison system. He was a visionary. What is that saying, one mans trash is another mans treasure..

I thought Hubby had drew the BLM but he said he had not noticed it while he was standing there.
Always, always, always looking for a way to get a selfie!
Hang drying close out in the desert is quicker than an electric dryer.

There were a few rooms or huts on the property. The museum art is displayed on roughly 10 acres of land. I only ventured into one of the dwellings as I got caught up looking at all the exhibits. It was easy for me to get lost in my head as I wandered around and wondered what inspired him to create the different works like the bikes or the three crosses that resemble Golgotha.

This is one of a few “dwellings” on the property.


Pre-Game of Thrones

The heat at that time of the morning was around 88 but for me it was a bit much and I only spent about 15 minutes walking around and exploring. Luckily the terrain was fairly even as I have been known to trip on things that are not even there. However, the huts are not wheelchair accessible and you really have to watch your step, or at least I had to watch my steps. Don’t let that discourage you from visiting.

My magical glitter shoes.

We hope to come back during winter when the weather and sun is much kinder. Also we hope to check out Hazel’s Garden. Often I long for my old home in Echo Park and the concrete canyons of Downtown Los Angeles, however, the desert has so many hidden stories and jewels to discover like the Noah Purifoy Museum and Giant Rock. Add the amazing sunrises and sunsets with their endless displays of art made by Mother Nature and I guess I would long for desert as well,

Our whole adventure lasted about 6 hours, start to finish. I highly recommend a trip out to the Landers/29 Palms/Joshua Tree area. You never know what you are going to see and experience.

To you dear reader, thank you for the visit! Enjoy the adventure where ever you are heading today! Hugs!

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  1. morishige says:

    Wow! I love the museum. The artist must be really good. Only a real artist can turn discarded materials into gold like what he did.

    My favorite installation is the “Pre-Game of Thrones.” πŸ˜€ I’m imagining the Pre-Jon Snow or the Pre-Daenerys Targaryen sitting on the “Toilet Throne.” πŸ˜€

    Stay safe there in CV! πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, it was pretty cool! fI really loved his vision and you could feel it as we walked around the property. If you visit the area do check it out πŸ™‚

      Yeah, I was drawn to that on too πŸ™‚ I giggled as soon as I saw it….ha ha!

      You be safe out there too πŸ™‚


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