Good morning world! How is it going out there? It is September 8, 2020 and Tuesday and the temps are dropping. Hopefully the change in temps will help in the fight of the wild fires that are burning in the mountains of Yucaipa and Monrovia. Often when we drive out to see our family out in the the LA area I snap lots of pics of the landscape as we drive by because of how picturesque it is. The news just reported that many national parks in California have been closed to prevent further fires. Praying it helps.

Yesterday, the Universe sent me a loud, colorful cosmic message from a lady that I feels like a friend even though we have never spoken or have ever met, India Arie. You see after I hit publish on the last post I published on September 5, I worried a little bit because it was the first time some of my truths had been told to anyone. Yeah, I know doing it in a public forum is probably not for everyone but I haven’t cried one tear since that day and I noticed that I have not had the usual tightness in my chest. I feel lighter. Truth is, I was crying and so emotional in the last few months, the cat could look at me wrong and I would cry but now I really feel the difference. I do not suggest opening up in this way but perhaps searching out a trusted counselor or medical professional if you too are experiencing any of the feelings that I mentioned in my last post. Oh yeah, the message from Ms. Arie is in her podcast. She too told her truths in a 40 or so minute podcast that I listened to yesterday, silently in the dark. Her voice was the voice of many women young and old. Sadly, many of us hide our secrets to the detriment of our health. If you get a moment or so check it out.

Her podcast is on Anchor

I was mindlessly thumbing through IG when I saw my favorite color, orange, in the picture she posted. I just had to stop and take a look. I had just posted my post the day before and wanted to give myself a few days to digest and wondered but some how could feel what her podcast was going to be about. She broke down the song Get it Together that I posted below. As soon as I started listening I was blown away as her and I (and probably millions of other women) were on the same wavelength at that moment. Anyhow, I found a copy of a live version and she is speaking her truths right there on stage. Press play.

I love the live versions…sorry!

The truth is, we need to stop hiding these truths and bring them to light, no matter how uncomfortable so our children and future children do not repeat the same cycle. She really broke it down with such honesty and how she wrote the song and the emotions behind it. It was healing, yes healing, to hear that someone that I see as so put together and famous has had to deal with the same issues. Silence is healing if you are meditating but silence can also be harmful if you are hiding a hurt. I really needed all this womanly goodness and affirmation in my life. Thank you India, thank you!!!

Also, thank you to all that have reached out either privately or commented on the posts! It really means so much. I guess I can equate that feeling to getting a letter from a pen pal. You remember getting those, right? I guess the stamps that are sitting in front of me made me think of that elementary school rite of passage. Really, I did worry about that last post, but so glad that I hit publish.

Hubby and I took off just before I hit post and I had many hours to think about this post. I would like to offer to anyone out there that is scared and/or are ready to change your situation but you just don’t know where to go. I physically or monetarily may not be able to help you as I have a limitations myself. However, if you reach out to me, I will go and do what I know I can do best, find you help and resources in your area and get you pointed in the right direction. I am know my way around Google pretty well, just saying…

Example for the Coachella Valley:

Looking for shelter/homeless/community counseling center /Teen Dating Violence Prevention and Education – Shelter from the Storm (760) 328-7233

Living in fear? Victim of domestic abuse? – California Partnership to End Domestic Violence

Need emergency shelter? – Housing Authority of the County of Riverside

Need emergency food? – Martha’s Kitchen & Village

The National Domestic Violence Hotline – See photo below for info and phone numbers

This was copied from the National Domestic Violence Hotline and has phone numbers and valuable information.

There are thousands of organizations out there to help and as I have mentioned before. There is no shame in asking for help. Maybe you that is reading this has been affected by this post and you to want to help. Reach out to one of the organizations listed or to any of the organizations in your neighborhood and volunteer or donate.

To you dear reader, where ever in the world you are and what ever journey you are on, know that you are not alone. Hugs to you and you and especially YOU!

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  1. The video is so worth watching at least once, maybe 100 times! Yes, you can FLY!!!


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