Paging Dr. Bombay

Howdy neighbors! Yes, we technically are all neighbors on this big blue marble that is spinning through the Universe. You made it and today is September 9, 2020 and not so many people have made it to see this day for one reason or another. Yesterday, Hubby and I took a road trip to the Salton Sea and it really was the best as I did need to clear my head. The last few blog entries were a bit heavy but needed. I am sure there are a few people that think they know me, must be rolling their eyes ’cause I can go from a dark subject to a funny one so quickly but that is just how I have dealt with things through out the years. I never stay in the dark for long, it is too scary there really. A wise lady once told me it takes more energy hating or being angry than being happy so I am lazy and always choose happy! Oh yeah, so, THANK YOU to all the new subscribers!!! I have noticed and it makes me feel pretty groovy, if I must say…smiling right now. The offer from the last post still stands, to any one needing help locating resources in your area, send me an email and I will gladly help you. You can send emails to and I promise to not sell your email or spam you or any funny stuff (Know what I mean?) Unless, that is you want funny stuff like really bad jokes or pictures of cats….Don’t ask me to tell you a joke or I will tell the only one I know and that is the one about the mushroom and the bartender…***

Welcome to Bombay Beach in the Salton Sea (Imperial County side).

We headed out on Hwy 111 toward the North Shore of Salton Sea early yesterday morning. The smoke from the fires burning in San Bernadino mountains made an eerie glow and the sun looked like a hazy orange globe in the Eastern sky.

This is just South of Imperial County line.

Hubby drove South. It felt like we were in a horror movie and I was thinking up stories in my head to go along with the scenery. I love days like this. The aroma of the Salton Sea was tolerable as there was a breeze. After taking a few photos we headed back toward Bombay Beach.

I am still downloading the photos from yesterday and editing the video so I will post a few of the goodies from yesterday as it was fascinating. As we were driving into the area designated as Bombay Beach, a wave of apprehension came over me as it appeared that it was a colony of people from what I observed that wanted to be left alone. However, as we drove around and I noticed that it appeared that this may be an artist colony and my Spidey senses tell me that some off those people were okay with looky-Lou’s. However, if you do venture there, please be respectful as people do live there. We noticed a block wall lined the view of the Salton Sea and it looked scary but so glad Hubby decided to drive into one of the drive ways as there were these incredible art pieces in littered in the sand.

It was the best. My mind was doing cartwheels. I had Hubby play my guitar and I recorded him so I could add to his interview and I also took some shots of him.

Texas Hippie Coalition hat???
The colors yesterday were so warm.

I have not done the recon on Bombay Beach but will some time soon as I will put together a little video about about our trip there. One thing, the roads in Bombay Beach are bumpy as you know what. Do use off road tires if possible.

I love this piece!

We spent a little time driving around the little neighborhood made up of trailers and huts. I felt strangely at home and longed to set up a studio there.

If you ever find yourself down near Bombay Beach, do stop in for a visit, but be polite. Like I said, although it does not look like it, I noticed people watching us as we drove around making sure we didn’t make trouble. We headed home after that. It was a quick trip and we were home before 9:30 AM yesterday morning. Looking forward to the next trip where it may be..

Thank you dear reader for stopping by. Where ever you are going may you get there safely. Peace and hugs.

***I will not send any unsolicited emails, EVER!!!

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