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Top of the morning to you and you and you and you over there! Where ever there may be. Today is September 10, 2020. Yesterday I got to speak with my Dad’s sister and it felt so good. In the last two months, I have lost two aunties. No, not to the virus, at least I didn’t ask as it didn’t matter. A life lost, is a life lost no matter how it was lost. What saddens me is that in trying to heal myself I have kept myself away from family, all and everyone, my kids, cousins and such. I do need to work on that but know that it is okay to take baby steps and to say “No.” and walk away, no explanations. Also, yesterday, I got to spend time trying out some new editing and adding audio. Funny, but even though my pain has been around 6.5 I have only noticed it when I pull myself away from the bent over sitting position (that is probably not good). My leg is usually numb and the pain in my lower back feels like fire. Heck, nothing that a little dancing and bong rip won’t help. What music makes you dance or start singing, even if you are in a crowded super market? For me, really, just about any song that comes on even if I don’t know the words. As long as it has a good bass line and drum beat, then, I am totally in. Like right now, I am listening to Them Vibes and that growling baseline gets me to move my head one way and my hips another. What started this dance party was a blog I follow mentioned Janet Jackson and the groove just flowed from there. Oh oh oh…What say you? Press play….

I love, love LOVE their energy!!!

A few years ago, I started following Maggie Rose. She is a a bluesy, country-ish singer from Potomac, MD. I heard one of her songs on Siruis and searched her out on Instagram. I fell in love with her voice and her stage presence. I almost got to see her live in Los Angeles but things happened and I couldn’t make it. A few months into my following of her, the band Them Vibes who play with her started following me. They followed me as well as any one that followed her (that is what it seemed), which was a fabulous move as I never would have noticed or heard of them. Let me tell you, those boys totally groove and all them including Maggie Rose make quite a team. I hope to catch them all when this pandemic is in the rear view. Here is one of Maggie…do take this for a test drive, you won’t be sorry…

This was the song that got my attention. This girl has IT!!!

Also, I started posting my favorite live music shots on the IG @artofthebeat_blog . I have many of photos of many talented musicians and entertainers that hubby and I have witnessed here in Southern California. As usual, it has been too difficult to pick out my favorites as I can remember a little about each night the photo was taken. Even the smell of the room or what I was wearing or how I was feeling. Yes, and even how I had to hide from people and security. Photos really do hold memories. Here are few of my favorite drummer shots.

This was from 2017 and is the band the Rye Brothers. I love the thumbs up and that is what caught my eye when I had my finger on the trigger.
Roger Earl from Foghat. I love the emotion in this one and the position of his drum sticks as well as the position of the guitarists fingers on that Les Paul.
This is drummer Alex Lugwa from the Rob Staley Band. I love the fact that he was singing and I caught his sticks in motion as well as what looks to be a horror movie in the TV screen.
Zombies drummer. This was taken as I was trying to hold myself up against the stage at Fantasy Springs and I was shaking cause nerve had gotten best of me.
Craig McIntyre, behind a bending Goo Goo Dolls Singer.

Really, I would have to post a bunch of them and have someone else pick out which ones are the best as every one has different opinions and tastes. I will be moving on to my favorite bass player shots next and many of those include shots of drummers. I wonder who will make my tops list? Hmmmm?

I quickly put together a video of our trip to Bombay Beach. I wanted to see how long it would take to edit and put it together. So far it has taken around 22 hours. My legs totally feel it, or actually don’t feel it as it has caused a bit of numbness. I don’t care really, this is much better than lying around and watching TV hoping my pain will go away. Besides, I know this sucks but I have slept really good in these past two nights, and have had great, colorful and vivid dreams. I haven’t had those in years s I think I never fully get into a deep sleep. Remember, I am not a medical professional, just saying.

Just in and hot off the presses….our trip to Bomby Beach

Thank you, dear reader, for the visit. May happiness find you where you are today. Hugs.

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  1. I love your video! Bombay Beach would be an ideal setting for a horror film.

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    1. Thank you! I plan on filming there again šŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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