Top of the morning and week to ya! Welcome world and thank you for the visit! You made it to September 28, 2020! The news this morning makes me chuckle as we haven’t received a tax refund since we have been married and I haven’t ran to the nearest H & R Block to get my Rapid Refund in very long time but waking up to the news report that big cheese had one of those creative accountants or actually, for wealth of that size, he would need a whole organization of CPA’s, staff accountants, clerks and even auditors to process and review his records and then figure out how to fit the pieces into the gameboard of life so that he came out ahead. Me, as a normal person, with normal means, had to pay over $900 in taxes for independent work I did in 2015 that I forgot to report. Truthfully, I knew it would catch up to me and I had more federal taxes withheld from my last two paying, non-independent contractor, jobs so that it would not hurt so much. If me, an American citizen would not have paid them off or worked I would have been subject to fees and fines on top of that plus I could have been subject to an orange jumpsuit or worse, now that I am married, our home could have been affected! Now I can sleep at night. I am sure Big cheese has never had those worries, but then again, maybe he has. Really, I have no right to judge, do I? Please, to anyone that is still hero worshipping this man, or what ever you want to call it, why? I just don’t get it? The rush to confirm a US Supreme Court Justice while the family of the decedent, US Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg was still lying in state, worse, during Shiva. After all, RBG was Jewish by faith. He is not going to fly over a building or save a women from a fast moving train. It might mess up that expensive hairdo. He is a 74 year old president using social media like a hormone heavy, teenager. Okay, so I know, enough about the big cheese, when he was elected and even before, I remember listening to him place blame on Obama and Hillary and it angered me so. I remember saying out loud, “Fuck you! One finger pointed outward equals three pointed back at the accuser!” I vehemently didn’t like his character then, because seriously folks, Donald Trump is a character.

I copied this from Google.

So yeah, I know this is a meme, or whatever that is, that I posted above. (I detest memes or most things that are mass produced…sorry) Yes, I am guilty of blaming big c for many things but trust me I am okay with the fingers that are pointed at me and will face the music just like I would hand over my tax returns and show how not middle class I was all these years and I lied to kick it…I was really, just a single Mom, hustling several jobs to stay afloat and appear that I had it together. Sorry to the few guys that I hustled dinners out of during some not so good times and then got mysteriously ill and had to leave. Yeah and sorry I told you my name was something else! Okay so yeah, my name was not Ruby or Jane or Julie…again sorry!!!! I have lied a few times in my life as well…So, big cheese, don’t you feel better knowing that the USA knows your secret? I feel better, well not really but that memory made me chuckle…ha ha!!

Our latest trip to Borrego Springs

The video above is the super condensed version of our trip. It was hard to pick and choose what to keep and what to cut as I am trying my hardest to do “less is more”. I just get so excited and want to remember everything. So, I was thinking, October is upon us and that means Halloween! The only holiday I get excited about. See, I never get hung up on things for long.

A few years ago, Hubby played a party for Bianca Ray, a reporter that was local to the valley. I asked her if I could take photos at the party and she said yes as long as she got copies. Well I got those to her after that fabulous party. She really was gracious. I accidently unfollowed her on IG and then I didn’t want to refollow her and look like an asshole (cause that what I think when I see people do that continuously to me). I hope she doesn’t think that I hate her, cause I don’t. She loves animals, children and just about everything! Check out her Bianca Rae Foundation for more info.

The phantom bass player and his goofy wife.
I was so scared taking a photo with her. I was sure I had food on my face or something…

That is the one thing that sucks about this pandemic, Halloween parties. Yeah, I know, there are still going to be parties. There should be, masks and Halloween go hand and hand. Just be safe out there. Me, I am trying to get the same excitement I had yesterday when I found my curlers to start detangling my hair so I can start rolling it with those curlers. I plan on doing a quick portrait shoot when Hubby comes home later., Halloween themed and I need big hair, maybe not Dolly big, but big!

Oh, back to my right to judge, or actually, your right to judge. Yes, you, over there, flag waving, national anthem singing citizen. You have every right to judge. You pay taxes. Every time you work and you get that FICA deduction. Here is a little chart to help you understand because big cheese is trying to cut this tax which will not affect him but YOU the taxpayers that may at some point in your life or maybe a family member that may need Social Security.

This is not a handout. I worked, you worked, she worked, he worked, they worked….WE WORKED!!!

Thank you, dear reader for the visit. It is the beginning of the week and you have a whole seven day to be fabulous so get to it! Hugs to you and you and YOU!

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