F – You Very Much!!

You made it to September 29, 2020! How about that! Over 1 million people on this spinning blue marble have not. To any one that has been affected by loss from that virus I am personally sorry for your loss. Dying in respiratory distress is cruel and unusual punishment for the patient and the medical staff that has to care for them. Yes, read that again, cruel and unusual. Yes, I am being dramatic and for a point. In 2004, I watched my father gasp for his last few breaths of air after his breathing tube was removed. He did not have Covid, no, he was on a respirator, that was helping him breathe just as respirators had helped all those others before they died. Yeah, I know that rumor has it that the patient does not know what is going on but I think they do, I saw it in his eyes as he stared at me before they stared off into the abyss. I remember the way that room smelled. I remember everyone that was in that room and how my Mom laid her head down on my Dad’s chest as he breathed his last breath. My sisters were all around, albeit one, I noticed. We all tried to inch as closely as we could. Right now, except for the state of Florida, many people are dying alone in hospitals that could have been prevented, Doctors, nurses, medical technicians that stepped up, worked countless hours of overtime, just so people can be assholes and contrarians. I just watched a news segment highlighting two nurses that just recently died, a mother and daughter. They both died from Covid-19. What will it take to make people wake up? More medical personnel to die? What happens when we run out of people to work in the hospitals? Last night, I saw my Dad in my dreams. I guess I because I had that flash of him in a dream last night before my bladder cried out for attention and forced my eyes open, I am feeling a little melancholy. It did remind me of how hard the staff at that hospital in Baldwin Park worked to save him and every one in that Step-Down Unit worked. They, the staff, was overworked then, I can’t imagine what it is like now. How do I know this? I was allowed to stay in my Dad’s room overnight while he was in the hospital as he had trouble reaching the phone and getting things for himself. I was worried because, he and my Mom had never really been apart in their entire time that they had been married and I was worried about him and did not want him to be lonely. His last speaking night, the night before he had that surgery, I asked him if he wanted me to do anything or say anything to Mom. He just said to tell her “He loved her.” I remember I had fallen asleep at with my head resting at the foot of his bed and he woke me up around 5 AM by tapping me on the head with a back scratcher and told me to get up and go to work. Work, paying taxes and good credit was important to my Dad. He died with close to an 800 credit score. Mine is no where near that…

I was about to go off on a tangent about that lying sack of doody but really here is a song from the Thompson Twins cause singing and dancing just made me forget about it a little. Here, lets divert your attention somewhere else.

See a little music can make you forget about stuff just like behavior modification. So can a bong hit and saying…”Just saying.” Not sure but Paul McCartney is beseeching me to post this song with it’s bubbly upbeat and tempo, Uncle/Albert/Admiral Halsey...Press play for a little break…

For you younger humans, they may or may not have been under the influence of illegal drugs…just saying…

Looking at the above video, I now have to look up who was the brain child behind the direction of this gem. The cinematography is dope! That friggin’ kazoo and tuba also just adds to the beauty and artistry of this Paul McCartney song. The song though is fitting, cause we, all of us humans on this big blue marble, have now been affected in some way. I know that Mr. McCartney, nor the Thompson Twins, had any idea about 2020 or if we were even going to make it past Y2K when they wrote and produced those hits. I just know that those songs came to my mind because of the current events. What songs would be on your current event play list?

One last one, A favorite, for obvious reasons. You know, that filter thing that I lack. This song written and performed by Lily Allen is just a song, really just as the title of my post is just a title and meant to get your attention. Did it work? Not sure. However, This song came to me during a time when I hated people. I worked for a church going women, who owned a bar and restaurant who felt like she was above the law. I and others used to quit several times a day and I can’t remember if one of us employees yelled back “Slaves can’t quit they have to get sold.” or she did. The other day a helicopter flew above our place and I mentioned to Hubby that the first time I heard the term “ghetto bird” uttered was by a man running for state senate at a political fundraiser that I had to cater at the last moment for 250 covers. Someone forgot to email me and it was being “donated” so I had to donate my time in the kitchen as well for this. I’ll save the details but that long ass day in the kitchen ended with me having to bus tables with the other 3 people that got suckered into helping. I know that I am not the only chef/kitchen manager/waitress/prep/yadda yadda to have had to wear multiple hats for one event but that day, the Councilman’s wife pulled me to the side and gave me a $20 bill and said thank you and gave me a hug. It was the best feeling ever. I didn’t need her tip but that hug felt like a mothers. I could tell she was embarrassed by the events that day but I treated her with the utmost respect that day and everyday that I served her at the restaurant. I never let her know the secrets that hotel held, although she was a smart lady and I have no doubt that she what was going on behind those doors. Anyhow, sorry, had a good strain this morning…oh yeah press play…

She is fucking adorable!!!

See now, that felt good for me and maybe it made you feel uncomfortable, if you even made it this far. I vowed to be more authentic a few years ago and it has taken me some time. Every time I write and before I hit post, I sit back and think, “Oh, maybe I shouldn’t, ’cause I am probably going to offend someone.” Then I think, “Why share with the world? ’cause someone is gonna just take my thoughts and ideas and as their own.” even the bad ideas. To my kids, please know that your own thoughts and visions and dreams are good enough! It is okay to try them out. 99% of the time, it may fail, but that 1%, when it does go right, it is the best mother forking feeling ever! By the way, “Yes, it is okay to add that to your salsa!

My newest art project….

Thank you, dear reader for reading and hope I gave you a few things to think about. To you, my kids, if you ever make it here, do not be afraid to call some one out on their shit. If it doesn’t smell right, it probably isn’t, thinking of milk. (shuddering) Get on with your bad selves and make a difference. You don’t have to be a super hero just don’t be an ass hat. (sorry, I was still speaking to my kids). Hugs to you and you and YOU!

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  1. I for one love your posts Michelle. Your honesty is so refreshing and endearing. I love all three songs you included, especially “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey”. I’d never heard the one by Lily Allen, but it’s awesome!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Jeff!

      Just took a break from the debates. Gosh those really are something, and not something good. I love Lily but she never really got played much on the radio at least not that I heard and I guess not that song for obvious reasons 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Love Lilly Allen! Enjoy your day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, she is divine! You have lovely day as well 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. You are welcome! Nice to virtually meet you!

      Liked by 1 person

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