The Billions

Good morning! I wasn’t going to come here today, really. Life has been good despite the stuff and things that are going on in this world. My Spring time has started, most people call it Fall but this to me is the best time of the year here in the Coachella Valley. Today is October 22, 2020 and you made it to fight the good fight, what ever that may be in your world. Me, I am just happy that I walked a little farther than I did yesterday morning. This is the 12th day in a row that I walked around my complex and this morning, I was already getting antsy as I wanted to hit the pavement early so I could try to add one more trip around. Also, I using my walker as that is why I am sure that I have been able to walk for longer distances. It gets hard to not notice the stares when I walk as my neighbors see me walk Jenny, unaided. I walk like a toddler so I am sure that some people might think I have a drinking problem. I just hate having to hear well meaning people say “I thought you were healed. I thought you were better.” This is my personal favorite, “Faker! or Is that an act?” Yes, I have heard these things while out using my walking aid, Just yesterday, a neighbor stopped to talk to me and she said, “I thought you were better. Do you really need that?” Luckily, it was still dark out as I am glad she did not see my cheeks turn red. I started to explain myself to her and then stopped and said, “I need it. I am still healing.” and then made an excuse and left. Things like that usually make me retreat and not want to keep going on. Not anymore. I need my walker and it is okay that I need it. Right now, if I need a crutch to get me through it does not mean that I am weak, it just means that I am allowing myself assistance. Sometimes, I need to remind myself of that as really, the only one that cares about it, is me.

Yesterday, I commented on a photographers photo that I follow on IG, he is not just any photographer, he is the one that I would actually love to get pointers from, Nigel Barker. By the way, this guy has class! Anyhow, he responded back with speed and I thought I was going to pee my pants, really! Yes, see, I have not grown up, I still get giddy when the famous photographer responds! Ha ha!! It just shows you why I follow him, he understands the importance of communication possibly from his years behind the camera. He gave the best lessons on all those America’s Next Top Model shows that he was on. I like how he uses light and how sees the world as I can tell his personality just from how he shoots by looking at his photos. This is why I try not to imitate others work or make other peoples work better as many photographers that I had followed as I did not want to imitate or leech their style into my own. I get that there are over 7.5 Billion people on this planet and that it is hard to shine your individuality but do try as you may be happy with the person you meet in yourself.

Last week on Hubby’s day off we drove around Indio Hills and stopped at this place on Dillon Rd that has always intrigued me. It appears that there was some type of structure or it was possibly going to be a home development that didn’t happen. The landscape is covered with what looks like dead grape vines, like it was a vineyard.

That place got me thinking about planning a future photo shoot. I love using the desert landscape because of the colors and lighting at the various times of day. Those dead bushes made we picture a fashion shoot there. I see a long flowy red dress and diamonds and bouffant hair styles. So much could be done here. I haven’t wanted to do any type of those shoots in a while but I think I am ready again.

With a little editing this place has a sci-fi feel it all depends on someone looks at the place and how wild their imagination is.

Well, time to get on the road and get stepping! My progress is slow but going in the right direction!

I don’t include my weight just how much I have lost or gained since my weigh in date last week. I always weigh myself at the same time in the morning as swelling in my legs has usually dissipated. My pain levels are also a bit more tolerable. My hips are not screaming like they were two weeks ago. Oh yeah! I can do this!

Thank you, dear reader for stopping by. May the day be good to you and all those around you! Hugs to you and you and you and YOU!

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  1. I love your photos. They’re so stark, real and honest, just like this beautiful desert we live in. And congratulations on sticking with your walking regimen. I was walking more too after my knee surgery, but have slackened off lately. I’m going to blame social media, as I log onto Twitter first thing in the morning, as well as read some of the new blog posts that show up on my feed, which quickly takes me down a rabbit hole. I need to start walking more…

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    1. Thank you Jeff! I love taking photos of this desert and wish more people could see it and explore it.
      I know how easy it is to get caught up in something. I have a problem with CNN, I turn it on first thing in the morning so I have had to start listening to music again in the morning. Keeping the log has kept me going so far. Hope I can keep it up 🙂

      Take care and hope you are doing well.


  2. morishige says:

    Howdy, M!

    It must feel nice to let of some steam walking in the mornings. My walking usually starts at 1 pm when the sun still high. Sweaty of course, but it feels nice. 🙂

    I love your still life photos. You’re really talented in riding the light. 🙂 The photos you posted above reminds me of one of my photographer friends’ project. It was about the trash the tourist left on the beaches in Bali. Sadly I couldn’t come to see the exhibition, like 5 years ago.:(

    Stay safe there! 🙂 Have a great day!

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    1. Good morning Ajo!

      Yes, walking actually relieves pain, at least for me. Sitting is more painful than standing. Is your weather like ours, getting colder. We are expecting rain!! When I walk I get a chance to think without distractions.

      Did your friend put his project on line so it can still be seen? I would like to see it, just curious. There is so much waste and trash everywhere and vacant buildings here in the desert, I have thought about a project like that or maybe all the tires that we see. I know how it is to miss friends showings. I have a friend that writes and produces short films and I hate when I miss his movie premiers.

      Hope all is well in your part of the world. Take care 🙂

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      1. morishige says:

        Good evening!

        We’re entering the rainy season here. These days the rain usually starts falling around 1-2 pm. But it’s been hot these past few days.

        So true! That’s what I love from walking. We can also zoom in, seeing things unseen when we’re traveling fast by vehicle.

        I don’t think so. But it was covered by a Indonesian news portals, one of which is here:
        It is in Indonesian but I guess you can use the translation tool on Google Chrome.

        All is well. But of course we’re still on health protocol. 😀 I hope things are going well there also. 🙂

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      2. Thank you so much for embedding your friends exhibit. It is very cool and I really like the way he presented the garbage. Such a great project to show people the affects of waste in our environment. Yes, I did a few things to my computer and the translator is working better. It no longer changes back to the language the post is in…YAY!!

        Be well 🙂


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