Forward Motion

Hello and good morning to you! Time seems to be speeding up and Halloween is only 4 days from now. Also, we are that much closer to the end of the madness known as the elections. Can I get a “Oh Yeah!” Today is October 27, 2020 and in one week things will be different, just not sure how different but in my world I know that I must keep going in a forward direction. I am happy to report that I have walked around my complex 16 days in a row!

Slow and steady wins the race, right?

I know that it looks like not much work but for me, it has been more (extra) movement than I have done in the last year. True, I do walk around the back yard and walk the dog but I am only recording the times that I remember to have my phone on my body to count steps. Also I can see that I am retaining water as I am super swollen this morning, hence the 2 pound gain. I have been expecting this extra water weight as I have been keeping track of when it is the worst and for the last two years, I know that season changes effect how much water I retain. It is nice knowing that I can look forward to the coming colder months and less swelling and I am sure walking will be that much easier.

I wasn’t fast enough and we were in the car. D’oh!
That looks like a fire training mock up.

Hubby was home and we relaxed and didn’t do much sight seeing around the CV. We did drive out to the Palm Springs Airport as I wanted to capture a few close shots of airplanes taking off and landing and knew that I could do that from the safety of the car. Honestly, I have cabin fever and have been wanting to get out of the CV and away from all the Covid and election crap but know that really, the Covid stuff is not going away anytime soon. However, right now, we all need to do our part and protect others even if you have no care about yourself. I know that invincible feeling like nothing can get me and then it does.

Not sure what company this was but love messages!

We drove around the airport looking for a good spot to park, but no dice. Then we headed toward the Palm Springs Air Museum as I knew there were planes sitting out in the front of the museum. The museum was open to the public as long as you are wearing a mask. I wanted to go in but thought better of it. There will be time and when it safe for everyone, andI will go back and check it out.

It was a nice little trip, even if it was only a few miles from our place. There is still so much more to discover and check out here in the valley and hopefully we will get to check many more places. I have dreams of doing a photo shoot near the PS sign near where the planes take-off but know that I will need permits and such. While I am dreaming, I might as well dream big, right?

What ever that turquoise thing was it sure was cool!!!

Well, time to get on with the day and get moving! I know that I must keep going in a forward direction no matter what happens after next Tuesday. Things will be different, that is for sure. My hope is that the United States can begin to work on being United again because right now, the USA is so divided. Even our local politicians are dealing with hateful rhetoric as an example, the P S elections. It seems more like a high school election and not a city council seat. My only hope is that the incumbent can weather the attack on her character and lifestyle. All I know is I can’t wait for next week to be over so they can take down the billboards of the other candidate, I got the ugly goose bumps when I saw that horrible billboard on Ramon Rd yesterday. Personally, I am not from PS and have no right to say anything about that election however, I am a woman and a mother and no one should be attacked in the manner that the incumbent has. A man who allows another woman (campaign manager)to disparage another woman so publicly is an impotent weakling. In my opinion, a scared person will fight dirty because they have no ammunition and will resort to what ever it takes to win. Please, if you haven’t yet voted, review track records and accomplishments before checking a box. Seven days and counting…we can do this!

Thank you dear reader for the visit. Where ever you are and what ever journey you are on, choose the path that you can feel good about, the one that you will not have to make excuses for taking. Hugs.

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  1. morishige says:

    Congrats for your completing the walking challenge! 🙂

    That thing looks like an old F1 car! Was that it? 😀

    I read on the local news that Biden winning the quick count. Is it for real? Well, if yes. I see hopes then. 🙂 But I hope the riots do not get to CV. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I am still going strong! I walk everyday and it sure is getting easier.

      That thing was a converted Spyder, a three wheel motor cycle. It was really cool. I would like to take it for a ride 🙂

      I am not going to jinx anything but yes, they are still counting ballots at 5:42 AM on Nov 7, 2020. I love it and am willing to wait for the results. This is democracy even if the big cheese doesn’t like it. We are fairly safe from rioting here, not enough number of angry mobs 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. morishige says:

        Cool! 🙂

        Wow! Classic! I bet it’s fast.

        Glad to hear about it. You know, the news love bad news and that’s all they spread to the world.

        Stay safe there!


      2. Yeah, I have been watching the news with the sound off and making my own assumptions by their facial expressions (of the people on TV)…ha ha!!!

        You stay safe as well 🙂


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