Orange you glad…

Hello there and good morning! How are you, really? The lasts few pages of the epic four year story is about to come to a sort-of end and the sequel or continuation of the story begins. Today is November 2, 2020 and it is getting…monotonous. Yes, I stayed away from posting because every time I tried to write, all I could write about was tomorrow’s election and crap that all news outlets are peddling. All I know is that after the election, regardless of who wins, the virus will still be here, people will be struggling to keep a roof over their heads and food lines are still going to be long. I really wish I could hug the world and rub the hair out of it’s eyes and tell it that it’s going to be okay. It will be. The world is not going to stop spinning. Regardless of who wins tomorrow, I am not going to go out of my way to make life hell for any person that was on the other side of my political line. I will try my hardest to forget all the crap that was slung from people that I had once respected and called friends. This last four years really just brought out the worst in many people, but it also brought out the best. I do not remember this many people excited to get out and vote, ever, and this is a good thing!

In the past week I have been busy with all my little projects. Hubby has composed a few more songs that I can use for my videos and I have been recording him while he has been working out those songs. It has been a good way to figure out what setting works for my camera in different lighting conditions. There is so much that goes into video recording and editing that I never knew about and UG (University of Google) has been quite the teacher! I am still looking into taking media and film classes. What I really wish I could do would be to work on set as a gopher or what ever, even as an unpaid intern. Heck, I could work in craft services! I would gladly work for free in a field that I am interested in as real-life experience is sometimes the best education. Hello Universe, I am throwing another one of my wishes at you!!!

Also, Hubby has been working more on creating music. I just love working at my desk and seeing and hearing hubby creating a song or playing guitar. It was something that I had always wished for when throwing coins into fountains a home filled with music. and art. When I was younger and the kids were little, their Dad never got a chance to play much for the kids because of his medical condition. I tend to forget that we were so busy with try to survive to the next payday and such that some of our hobbies and passions were cast to the wayside. This is why I am recording hubby and posting more of my work, our work. I have been getting more in touch with art as I had always wanted to learn how to paint so I could recreate some of the photos that I have taken. However, I am getting more acquainted with Photoshop and am now interested in digital art so I opened a disc that had a few of my earlier shoots. I chose to work on the Palm Canyon Drive shoot I did with Instagram model Analiesse and her friend Angelica.

This is an unedited shot.

I am still going through that shoot and seeing it with new eyes. Funny, but I knew if I let that shoot as well as the other shoots simmer while I learned more about editing in Photoshop, I could get the affects that I was after while I was shooting. Some of the shots that I thought were hopeless, were not and I have not yet settle on a style for this shoot. Hmmm, maybe it is okay to be mixed up and not cohesive?

I am still working on this one but know the direction I am going toward.

Also, my favorite holiday happened in the past week, Halloween! There was no dressing up for us or going out because of the pandemic. Hubby did get me a pumpkin!

This is the pumpkin before carving and a gratuitous shot of my pug Jenny.

Oh, here are a few more shots of Jenny…

I hadn’t done any pet portraits in a bit so I gave it a shot and Jenny delivered! She is a natural in front of the lens. Later that night Hubby took the pumpkin out back and carved it.

I am sure my kids are happily creating their own happy Halloween memories with their kids. Hopefully, my daughter and son (that are parents) will slow down and enjoy all the little things like the wide eyed excitement and magic of this holiday as it will go by much too fast. One of those little things was toasting the pumpkin seeds after the carving is done.

Those roasted seeds sure are yummy! I can’t wait to use them in a recipe or two. I am planning on making home made ravioli with pumpkin filling, using the discarded face parts. (I am the only adventurous eater in our house so those pieces should be plenty..)

Well, Hubby is home today and time to get on the road! Thank you, dear reader for stopping by. Be safe and kind out there today and every day. Hugs.

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  1. That’s great you’ve immersed yourself into being more creative Michelle. If Orange Cheeto is re-elected, I’m going to sink into the worst funk ever. I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to forgive those who still support him, and it’ll be a long, dark winter of discontent for me.

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    1. Hi Jeff,
      Tinkering on all the little things I have wanted to create has been a pleasant diversion. I totally hear and get you on those people. Forgiving and most likely, not forgetting everything that was said and done. I typed it out in hopes I can convince myself. So far, it has not worked… Yeah, I can only hope this election is not stolen by the big c and that party and now US Supreme court, so that it will be easier to forgive them.

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  2. Ashley says:

    I didn’t take many pictures of Daniel trick or treating, because I just wanted to drink it in, without my phone in hand. We, including Arielle thoroughly enjoyed ourselves by carving pumpkins and roasting pumpkin seeds. It is one of my favorite parts of the holiday, and I am glad I got to share that with my babies. I love you mom! ❤❤❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I LOVE YOU TOO! Wish I could have been there! Thanks for sharing pictures with us! I miss those days and taking all of your guys chocolates to protect you because every one knows they had the bad stuff in the chocolate bars…lol.

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  3. morishige says:

    Happy belated Halloween, M!

    Next Halloween I’m planning to find a pumpkin and carve it. 😀 I’ve always wanted to make my own pumpkin-face since I was a kid. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It is my favorite holiday! Happy belated Halloween to you as well!

      I am lucky that hubby carved it as I have ruined a few pumpkins in my time. Hope you find one. Remember to save the pumpkin seeds 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. morishige says:

        Will do! 😀

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