Count me in!

Good morning world! Today is the day, November 3, 2020, election day. We voted yesterday and it was easier than I thought. To everyone that has not voted yet and are getting ready to stand in line, thank you for going to make your voice heard, no matter what side you are on. This is what democracy looks like. What is not democracy in action is all the legal movements to suppress votes. I did not vote in the last two elections but should have, you know that hind sight thing. Never again will I not exercise my civic duty as an American. It is 3:41 AM and the polls have been open for almost an hour, I prayed silently as that time hit and the news announced their opening. Now we wait and hopefully it will be peaceful and quick. We cannot let a wanna-be dictator and all of his political fluffers steal this election. Yes, I wrote that and stand by how feel about the big cheese. So, please, if you can, VOTE!

Yesterday we also drove around Indio for a little morning drive. We arrived near the train station and noticed police cars. They were everywhere. It turns out a kid that was being taken to court escaped from his probation officer. I remember my sons PO and know that he would never have allowed that. He scared me straight as well and I thank him for being so blunt and honest with my son as he helped him onto manhood. Me who is a flagrant offender of the clock, unless it’s for work, and was probably born after my due date. However, I made sure to show up with enough time to spare for all of my sons appointments (check-ins). The news reported that the escaper had been located. Thank goodness it was safe.

Just near the train station and Greyhound stop in Indio.

It was such a beautiful day yesterday. The sky was a brilliant sky blue and the puffy white clouds that were here and there in the sky added to the scenery. Truly, Fall in the Coachella Valley is a sight to see.

Last night Hubby put on a log! We sat in the back around our little firepit and watched the moon rise. It was so peaceful. I was feeling hazy and relaxed. Glass House Farms had the perfect strain to compliment the mood. I got out my camera to snap a few photos of the fire. When I opened the photos I noticed the strange fire people that danced in the photos. Okay so maybe it’s my higher eye…bwahahaha!

This one looks like a dancer.

My personal favorite, fire cock, you know it looks a rooster.

Wonder where he is running ….
THis is stretch but that looks like a little flying ducky…

Yes, my higher eye and brain, the good trouble that it could get in.

Oh, how about an update on my walking journey. This past week has been a little painful. Well, when isn’t it? I walked less than I usually do but still made an effort.

The weather got a bit too chilly, so I have been walking, really pacing, in my house every hour. I walk back and forth across my kitchen and living room. Honestly, when I am in pain, I often pace. I picked up that habit during my battle with Vicodin and Oxy. Sometimes I dance while I am pacing or I try my Electric Slide moves to make it interesting. My animals watch me. When I first had my surgery I used to pace the same path in our place with my walker. Our cat, Taco-Belle, would hop on the seat and ride along with me. Now she watches from my desk chair and Jenny our pug watches from the couch.

Taco-Belle, nin her space.

These are what I refer to as the little things to stop and enjoy the little gifts that life gives each of us everyday. Like the sunrise, or that oh-so-needed smell to wake your sense like coffee. Maybe it is the smile of a stranger as you pass by them. Kindness is free, it asks for no donations or says, “Hey, look at me.” Just a reminder, no life is infinite, we are all only here for really a very short time so your vote is part of your history and story and can shape the stories of your families future even when you are no longer here to speak or check a box. Choose wisely!

Thank you dear reader for the visit. What ever your journey is may you get there safely but try and have fun along the way! Peace, love and good stuff to you. Hugs.

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  1. rkrontheroad says:

    Love the fire shapes!

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    1. Thank you! I am always looking fo fun games like this…have a great day 🙂


      1. rkrontheroad says:

        FIngers crossed…

        Liked by 1 person

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