What the Truck n’ Camper?

Howdy and good Sunday to you where ever in the world you are right now. It is November 15, 2020 and today is going to be a good day dang it! A week ago we were worried that Hubby may have contracted IT as he had a fever and such but am happy to report that the test came back negative. Yay!!! He was not added to that ever growing number of cases. It is hard to not be worried about him as only 4 years ago he survived colon cancer. I often think of that time like dealing with a cheating partner. In this case, the mistress is cancer and she is a sneaky heartbreaker. I can only hope she never enters our lives again but like any woman that has ever been cheated on, some habits are just hard to get over. I am a worrier… Anyhow, this past week we just stayed in so he could rest and the animals, our girls, sure have enjoyed it. One thing that we have been doing is using the Firestick. Last night we were watching a show on IDGo, The Case That Haunts Me, well really, I was only using it as background noise. My hearing is not so great and I thought I heard a curse word but then got back to doing what I was doing and then I heard it again, “Where is that Truckin’ camper?” My childish brain started cracking up and then Hubby and I made several jokes about it. You had to have been there….Oh yeah and we also watched, well not the whole movie, Idiocracy. I had saw the first 10 minutes of this movie 10 years ago and couldn’t get through it, I thought it was horrible. Then 2020 happened, and the last four years, really, and that movie makes sense! Oh it includes the future “Vice Prez on SNL, Maya Rudolph!” Do check it out, even if only bits and pieces of it.

I have worked on a few more of my projects. It must drive people crazy ’cause I start one project, work on it and then not touch it for a long time. Currently, I have around 10 things I am working on and when the time and feeling is right, I get back to them, like that shoot with model Analiesse.

Click on the above image to view on the Fineart Website.

I know I shouldn’t post my projects until they are completed but with my brain, I need something to go back and look at, like a reference. My brain and short term memory is not that great, or maybe it is for a fifty year old, but I forget so much. So, to any one looking for cohesion and consistency, keep looking.

Yesterday, Hubby felt well enough to take a little drive out to the Cabazon Dinosaurs. I had seen that they were dressed for the holiday season. As we neared the exit off the 10 Fwy, just before Morongo Casino, I could see the bright green paint on Mr. Rex along with a fancy

Mr. Rex – Santa!

The Cabazon dinosaurs were constructed by Claude Bell in the 1960’s. My first memory of a road trip were stopping and seeing this creatures on our way back from a trip to Arizona to visit my Mom’s cousins around 1975-76ish. I remembered often bugging my Dad to take us back there as I don’t remember going back with my parents and sisters.

We didn’t stay long, only about 10 minutes before we got back in the car to head home. We really do take quick trips! On the way home, I spotted a pond with ducks just near a Rest Stop right before White Water. Hubby drove back so I could take a look at it after we left White Water.

The rest stop is just behind those trees.

White Water is currently closed as the area is danger of fire. Hopefully, winter will bring much needed rain to the area. We did drive up the road after we exited the freeway to check out the Nature Preserve. Can’t wait to go back as there are nice little hiking areas and a man-made pond.

There were signs everywhere warning about fire danger and staying out of the river. If you do go and check out the place, do mind the signs! Also I got to get close up shots of a few of the windmills that are on the hill just near the entrance.

Well it is Sunday and time to work on a some of my stuff. I edited a few of the dinosaur shots from yesterday.

I am thinking about working Mr. Rex into our Christmas card this year, so I am sure this is not the last time seeing him around here.

Thank you dear reader for stopping by! Hopefully, you have had an peaceful week. Where ever your journeys take you and what ever roads you choose to go down, may you get there safely.

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  1. rkrontheroad says:

    You can post your projects whenever you want! The process is interesting. I like the last group of dinosaur shots.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So true! The only one that really cares about it is me 🙂 Thank you! The dinosaurs are fun to edit!

      Liked by 1 person

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